WATCH: ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Sweeps All Three Puzzles

by Leanne Stahulak

One of last night’s “Wheel of Fortune” contestants absolutely swept the Triple Toss-Up, earning her $10,000 to add to her total winnings.

A contestant named Rachelle must know her Food & Drink phrases well. That was the category for last night’s “Wheel of Fortune” Triple Toss-Up, and she guessed all three correctly. The game show’s official Instagram account shared a clip of the combined wins earlier today.

“A Triple Toss Up sweep for Rachelle! Did you solve all 3 of these puzzles?” the show captioned the post. See for yourself how you’d do on the puzzles below.

For the first puzzle, the other contestants made it a bit easy for Rachelle. While Justin and Leah clicked the buzzer but debated their answers, more letters popped up to help Rachelle guess. With just two letters left, she correctly guessed, “Broiled Chicken.”

“We had to leave that in the broiler a little longer than we thought we would,” Pat Sajak, the “Wheel of Fortune” host, said in reference to the puzzle.

But for the next Triple Toss-Up, it took Rachelle surprisingly little time to solve the puzzle. She quickly answered “Blackened Salmon” for the second puzzle. The third puzzle was fairly completed by the time she buzzed in with “Burnt Steak” as her answer.

For each puzzle, Rachelle gained $2,0000. But because she won all three “Wheel of Fortune” Triple Toss-Ups, her earnings rounded up to $10,000 total. This made her total winnings for the whole game equal $16,300. She gained a huge advantage moving forward, considering another contestant was previously ahead of her at $11,998.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Beats the Buzzer to Win Brand New Car

“Wheel of Fortune” contestants have been lucking out all week. Earlier, a contestant named Jennifer made it all the way to the Bonus Round and just barely beat the buzzer with the correct answer.

The category was Show Biz, and the standard letters RSTLNE were already up on the puzzle board. Jennifer added G, F, P, and O. The puzzle contained two words, and with the letters she added, Jennifer could easily see that the second word was “Opening.” But the first word remained a mystery with only two out of eight letters listed.

As soon as the clock started, Jennifer started putting out words that made sense in the context. “Promotional opening,” she said, along with a few other mumbles as she tried to piece it together in her head. Finally, she threw out, “Broadway opening.”

When “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak said, “Yeah that’s it,” Jennifer screamed in delight. Her prize from the Bonus Roud ended up being a red Mini Cooper, which she immediately jumped in. See the last-minute solve in the video below.