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WATCH: ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Snaps at Contestant Going for Wheel Too Soon

by Joe Rutland
pat sajak photo
(Christopher Willard/ABC via Getty Images)

It appears that Pat Sajak of Wheel of Fortune was in the mood to get snarky with a contestant playing the beloved game. The whole thing went down on the Tuesday, February 28, episode. What happened? A contestant violated the game’s rules. Sajak demanded that the lady refrain from touching the wheel.

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The venerable host lost his cool for a minute. He did when Mary Ann Hotaling, who is an Alabama school administrator, couldn’t resist from putting her hands on the $1 million wedge after a lucky spin. She landed on a pretty rich spot on the wheel. But Sajak would not let her off so freely.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Gets Lightly Scolded By Pat Sajak In A Funny Moment

“No, no, no, ba-ba-bo-bop!” Sajak called out immediately. It left Hotaling to pull her hands back and break into laughter as Sajak chuckled along with her. He coached her, “Now here’s what you do, you see, you call a letter,” after which Hotaling promptly called out, “H.”

Sajak replied, “And because there are two H’s, you may now pick up the million dollar wedge.” Hotaling finally had her moment as she triumphantly grabbed the wedge and lifted it up with a grin. “You put a million dollars in front of someone, they just get goofy,” Sajak said, Decider reports.

Sajak’s moments on Wheel of Fortune have been causing quite the buzz lately. The longtime host made headlines just last month after he piled onto a poor contestant who couldn’t solve a puzzle.

Fans Upset With Sajak Over How He Treated Teen Week Player During Game

In another Pat Sajak moment, the host is catching flak for giving a teenager some questionable advice. It all happened for a contestant during Teen Week on Wheel of Fortune. Deepshiv, the contestant’s name, landed on the $1,000 wedge. But Sajak, before Deepshiv could guess the puzzle after he selected a T, told him that he landed on a mystery wedge.

It gives contestants a 50/50 chance to improve their earnings or lose everything. In Deepshiv’s case, he had a chance to increase his earnings to $10,000. Sajak told the 10th-grader that he didn’t have to pick up the wedge. “What are you gonna do? Do you want my advice?” Sajak asked. He then added, “No, I can’t give it to you.” Sajak teased one more time about helping out. Finally, Deepshiv decided to take the mystery box. He turned over the wedge that he had, only to learn that the odds were not in his favor. In fact, he went bankrupt. Fans were upset at Sajak and they said that he knew the box was a dud.