WATCH: ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Turns Back the Clock with What May Be the Greatest Puzzle Solve Ever

by Keeli Parkey

During its many decades on television, “Wheel of Fortune” has given its fans some very exciting and unexpected moments. Possibly one of the greatest of these moments involved a contestant solving what appeared to be an impossible puzzle.

The popular game show’s social media account gave fans this exciting walk down memory lane this week. It’s definitely worth a watch. And it will leave you asking the question, “How in the world did he manage to solve that puzzle?”

The clip begins as a contestant stares down the famous “Wheel of Fortune” board for the final puzzle of the game. The puzzle fell under the “Thing” category. Of course, the letters R, S, T, L, N, and E were made available to the contestant. He also added the letters H, M, D, and O.

Surprisingly, this left him with a board that looked like this NE* **** *****. Obviously, this didn’t give viewers much hope that the contestant would be able to solve the puzzle and walk away with its prize. Even longtime “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak had doubts.

“It’s a thing. You’re a very good puzzle solver, but I don’t know. You have 10 seconds. Good luck,” Sajak told the young man.

Against all odds, the contestant managed to solve the puzzle. And, even more impressively, he did so with his first guess. “New baby buggy,” he said with some hesitation.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White Shocked as Contestant Solved Almost Impossible Puzzle

People were so shocked that he solved the puzzle that it took a few seconds for his solution to show up on the board next to Vanna White. The contestant was shocked – and obviously thrilled. Vanna was shocked and threw up her hands in amazement. Pat was shocked. The face he made after is priceless. The studio audience went crazy. It’s a great moment.

Sajak was so shocked that he jokingly frisked the contestant after the win. You can’t blame Sajak for thinking that the young man had the solution in his pocket. He solved the puzzle against all odds, after all.

The clip from this classic “Wheel of Fortune” episode also shows the young contestant’s loved ones joining him in front of the cameras. They are hugging him and all smiles. While they were celebrating, Sajak announced that the contestant won $63,099.

“I’m rather stunned,” Sajak then said.

In addition to the clip from 2014, the caption that appeared on this Instagram post by “Wheel of Fortune” read: “#TBT: Um, HOW? Have you seen one of the most impressive solves of all time?.”

You can watch this impressive puzzle solve below. One comment sums up what happened in the video perfectly: “Wow!!!!!! Beyond impressive!!!” You got that right!