WATCH: Wolf Entertainment TV Stars From ‘One Chicago’ to ‘Law & Order’ Wish Fans ‘Happy Holidays

by Shelby Scott

It’s finally Christmas Day. With that, many beloved Wolf Entertainment stars, from the “One Chicago” franchise to “Law & Order,” shared the happiest holiday wishes for Outsiders. Check out the festive clip below, and, as said, we hope you’re enjoying a very happy holiday season.

Dick Wolf is one of America’s most popular television producers. He practically holds a monopoly over some of the best procedural dramas on television. As such, Wolf Entertainment’s holiday Twitter post features a broad variety of iconic cast members.

Some popular faces include those from the “One Chicago” franchises. The three pertain to “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago Med,” and “Chicago PD.”

Throughout the clip, we see “Chicago Fire” stars, Joe Minoso (Joe Cruz), Miranda Rae Mayo (Stella Kidd), and, of course, the iconic Eamonn Walker (Chief Wallace Boden).

From “FBI: International,” we see holiday greetings from beloved actor Zeeko Zaki (“O.A.” Zidan). A later frame features one of “Chicago Med’s” newest actors, Guy Lockard who plays Dr. Dylan Scott.

In response, Wolf Entertainment received some holiday greetings and wishes of their own. Fans of all the procedural dramas took to the comments beneath the festive post.

“Merry Christmas, wait[ing] anxiously for all-new episodes, but in the meantime, Eat, Drink, & Be Merry,” wrote one cheerful fan. Another shared, “Happy Holidays to y’all! Thank you for all the hours of entertainment!”

And indeed many of our favorite Dick Wolf-produced shows remain on their midseason hiatus through the New Year. Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that the collective of shows has given us hours upon hours to rewatch.

One Wolf Entertainment Series is Not a ‘Fire of the Week’ Show

Dick Wolf’s series of television dramas have garnered audience sizes numbering high in the millions. However one of his most successful, “Chicago Fire,” draws a large audience for one reason in particular.

While Outsiders, myself included, love a good procedural show, series can become all too predictable when the “procedure” remains the same. After too many calls or rescues “of the week” plots, the storylines of even our favorite shows become boring.

That said, Dick Wolf himself insists, and clearly demonstrates that “Chicago Fire” is not a “fire of the week” show. In speaking to the subject, Lieutenant Kelly Severide actor, Taylor Kinney, explain just what about the NBC series differentiates from other similar first responder shows.

“The city of Chicago,” Kinney began, “serves as a character in its own right.” Essentially, he explains that, because he and the rest of the cast and crew work alongside local Chicago firemen and women everyday, locals to the iconic American city, “Chicago Fire” taps on some of the genuine features and issues occurring with the city each day. It’s something Dick Wolf and “Chicago Fire” writers would not be able to achieve if the hit series was shot on stage in L.A.