What Catches ‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby’s Eye While Picking

by Clayton Edwards

Danielle Colby didn’t just stumble into her role on American Pickers. She and Mike Wolfe had been working together and were already close friends. The pair bonded over their shared love of antiques and the thrill of the hunt for them. So, you could say that Dani’s passion for picking is at the heart of her current success.

Since Danielle Colby has been picking so successfully for so long, some fans may wonder how she chooses items. At times it seems like Dani and Mike have some innate way of knowing when they’ve found valuable items. In a 2019 interview with Michigan-based news outlet M Live, Dani opened up about how she chooses items to claim as her own while picking.

“If it’s extravagant, colorful, and detailed, it catches my eye,” Danielle Colby told the outlet. It’s not that the kind of revelation of a picker’s sixth sense that we hoped for. However, it is incredibly on-brand for Dani. Fans of American Pickers or those who follow her social media accounts know that Colby lets her passions guide her through life. So, she doesn’t go into a pick looking for the next thing she can flip for a big profit. Instead, she’s looking for something that will add joy and beauty to her home and life. It’s less an innate sense of knowing how to find great items and more knowing what you like and pursuing it.

Danielle Colby Follows Her Passion, Inspires Others

Fans of American Pickers know that Danielle Colby helps hold things together on the show. She runs the Antique Archaeology shops. Additionally, she helps Mike find collectors who are willing to sell. However, some fans may not know that she is part of the reason that Mike Wolfe kept pushing forward to sell the show over a decade ago.

Mike Wolfe had been pitching American Pickers for five years when History Channel picked it up. After hearing “no” for that long, he might’ve lost faith in the project. However, Danielle Colby was there to push him forward. In a recent interview, Mike revealed that Dani constantly encouraged him to keep going with the project. He said that she was instrumental in “keeping the wheels on the track” in the years before the show took off.

Wolfe noted that Danielle Colby is an incredibly passionate person. He said that when she gets it in her head to do something, she doesn’t give up on it. So, she wanted to see her friend and fellow picker chase, capture, and live his dream.

American Pickers premiered over a decade ago. To this day, millions of fans tune in every week to see what the team will find next. They may not have had the chance to see all of that if not for Dani’s constant encouragement. I guess you could say that she really knows how to pick ‘em.