What is Dick Van Dyke’s Net Worth?

by Megan Molseed

Dick Van Dyke has certainly made his name as a Hollywood legend. Since breaking into acting in 1961, the longtime actor and comedian has made his career performing some pretty iconic roles.

Van Dyke’s career-long ability to provide some of entertainment’s most iconic comedy in such a wholesome manner has made him one of Hollywood’s most memorable actors for over six decades.

From his time on the Broadway stage to his iconic film and television roles, the talented actor has pretty much done it all.

And, during his time in the business, Dick Van Dyke has amassed a pretty amazing net worth. In total, the actor is worth about $50 million.

Sure, we know who he is now, but how did the actor break into acting, eventually landing his many memorable roles?

Becoming A Household Name

The iconic comedian’s time portraying some of the most memorable characters in some of the most iconic musicals has made him a regular household name for fans of all ages.

In 1960, the longtime actor made his stage debut in Bye Bye Birdie. In 1963 the actor reprised his Bye Bye Birdie role in the film adaptation of the Broadway hit.

Later, in 1965, Dick Van Dyke starred as Bert in one of his most memorable roles, Mary Poppins. Dick Van Dyke costars with Julie Andrews in this classic film favorite.

Not long after the success of Mary Poppins made the star a household name, the actor went on to star in another family classic, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

In this 1968 film, Van Dyke stars as the widower who has a fondness for creating unique inventions, Caracatus Potts.

Dick Van Dyke is certainly remembered for his iconic film roles. However, his biggest breakthrough role came in 1961 when he received top billing in the classic television series, The Dick Van Dyke Show.

Dick Van Dyke’s Rob Petrie Charms Audiences

The Dick Van Dyke Show premiered on CBS in 1961. The series centers around the family life of Rob and Laura Petrie who are played by Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore, respectively. The couple has a young son named Richie.

In the series, Rob works as a writer for a fictional television show, The Alan Brady Show. When not at home, Rob Petrie spends his days coming up with golden comedy material along with his office mates, Buddy (Morey Amsterdam) and Sally (Rose Marie).

The iconic series quickly became a fan favorite, and the series aired for a total of five seasons from 1961 until 1966.

During its successful run, the iconic television sheries received an impressive twenty-five Emmy Award Nominations, winning a total of fifteen.

Series create Carl Reiner won four of these Emmy Awards. Dick Van Dyke took home three Emmys, and Mary Tyler Moore earned two during the series’s successful run.