What ‘Love Story’ Star Ali MacGraw Is Up to Now

by Taylor Cunningham

Now that Ali MacGraw has crossed “starring in the most romantic movie of all time” off of her bucket list, the Love Story actress is living in New Mexico and fighting for animal rights.

MacGraw filmed Love Story in 1970. And it was only her third time working on-screen. But despite the fact that she was new to the industry, the role still earned her an Oscar nod for Best Actress.

She did go on to star in a few more movies after her Love Story success. And she also had a short guest stint on Dynasty in the 80s. But Ali MacGraw’s heart was never fully invested in the career.

However, once she retired, she finally found her true passion—activism.

The 82-year-old spends most of her time supporting animals right. She currently lends her platform to The Santa Fe Animal Shelter and the Animal Protection of NM. And over the years, she’s opened her home to countless four-legged friends in need.

“I have to restrain myself from bringing home any more strays,” she once told AARP.

The former actress also has plenty of compassion for other causes such as The Cancer Foundation for New Mexico and Dollars4Schools, to name a few. And she collaborates with the Ibu Movement, which helps women artisans around the world sell clothing, home goods, and accessories.

‘Love Story’ Actress Ali MacGraw Relocated to the Land of Enchantment

When Ali MacGraw decided she was done with acting, she was also done with Tinsel Town. So she packed up her stuff and relocated to The Land of Enchantment, aka New Mexico.

The activist has now called NM home for nearly three decades. And she appreciates being far away from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

“I love it because there are grownup women,” she told AARP. “Women who don’t strut around in the latest fashion and aren’t afraid to let their hair go gray.”

Today, MacGraw lives just outside of Santa Fe and she enjoys a lifestyle with many like-minded people who support the same causes that she does.

She also loves exploring the beauty of her state and fully understands how it earned its nickname.

And in 2019, she gave the Sarasota Herald-Tribune a more in-depth look at how she spends her time.

“I created a life for myself with those kinds of people and community service and animals, and it’s been wonderful,” MacGraw told the publication. “I love as you go further up in New Mexico where there is no one, the landscape is completely jaw-dropping—the sky, the clean air, endless miles of vista.”