What ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Renee Felice Smith Has Been Up to Since Leaving Show

by Lauren Boisvert

Renee Felice Smith, known for playing Nell on “NCIS: Los Angeles,” has been up to quite a bit since her departure from the show. She likes to chronicle her adventures and achievements through Instagram, and let her fans know what she’s been up to.

In September, she went to Colorado and shared her trip on Instagram. She posted a photo of a gorgeous mountain backdropped by clear blue skies. “Colorado, you’re impossible to capture but fool i am, i’ll continue to try,” she captioned her photo.

She’s also been getting outside and spending some quality time with her dogs.

In October, Smith posted a photo of three of her dogs, Velma, Alfie, and Stitch, gathered at the beach. She simply captioned the photo, “pals,” and used hashtags for all of her dogs. “Where is Mabel?” one fan asked in the comments, inquiring about one missing pup. Smith replied, “On a sofa bed, chillin’.” Hugo was missing in the photo as well, most likely also chillin’ on the sofa bed.

Most notably, Renee Felice Smith recently wrote a children’s book titled “Hugo and the Impossible Thing” with her partner, writer and producer Chris Gabriel. The book follows the couple’s dog, named Hugo, as he proves every animal in the forest wrong and conquers the Impossible Thing.

In reality, the book was based Hugo’s battle with a life-threatening disease. The Impossible Thing is a metaphor for Hugo’s disease, and the struggle he overcame as a little dog faced with a big challenge. Kirkus Reviews described the book as “The perfect story for goal-oriented readers (as well as those who need the occasional nudge).”

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: What’s Been Happening Since Renee Felice Smith Left the Show

Recently, Admiral Hollace Kilbride has been the center of a few episodes; first, his old friend was selling guns to a militia, and Kilbride arrested him. Then, he killed former CIA operative Laura Song at the end of episode 5. The team was interviewed individually about what happened there, but no one really knows except for Kilbride. They all think they failed her, letting the Chinese Navy kill her, but really Kilbride is harboring a secret.

Kensi and Fatima went undercover in episode 3 as part of the stolen guns arc, trying to shake up the girlfriend of an arms dealer. Callen and Kensi were chased in a hearse, after going undercover at their only suspect’s funeral. Also, Callen is still searching for Katya, and doesn’t seem to be getting any closer to finding her. The team dealt with a hate crime, which got mixed reviews from fans.

But, even with all that happening in season 13, fans are still missing Renee Felice Smith as Nell Jones. She left the show amicably, so the door is always open for Smith to return.