What ‘SEAL Team’ Star David Boreanaz Considers the ‘Mark’ of the Show

by Lauren Boisvert

David Boreanaz spoke in 2018 about directing an episode of “SEAL Team,” and how writing and shooting an episode in real-time is “the mark” of the show.

“It’s a different type of show. You’re really there with them,” he said. “I love real-time contained episodes […] I think our show operates best in real-time.” It’s true that the show rarely if ever uses flashbacks. There will be some flashbacks in the upcoming episode “Nine Ten;” those memories will be a way of portraying the characters’ experiences with 9/11.

“That’s something I’ve advocated for a long time, and we’ll see more of that,” Boreanaz continued. “I think that’s really the mark of our show, being with these characters, live and in real-time, in their workplace and in their environment. You thread in some personal moments and keep that alive with the characters to drive the plot.”

“SEAL Team” puts fans right in the action, directly in the firefights. Most likely, they’re as thrilling to film as they are to watch. The show also puts viewers right in the characters’ perspectives when dealing with difficult personal issues. Like recently, when Jason’s daughter wanted to move in with her boyfriend. Jason’s stress was so prominent that fans also feel what Jason is feeling in that moment.

“I don’t like to get involved with plot heavy shows or procedural shows,” Boreanaz said. “If you asked me to do ‘Law & Order,’ that’s not me. I’d be so confused. I really would.”

‘SEAL Team’: The World’s On Fire and Bravo Team is Putting it Out

In a recent clip from “SEAL Team,” we get those intense real-time moments in spades. Bravo Team is still on the mission to find Mandy, hopefully alive. The team moves through a terrorist hideout, dodging bullets and letting loose a grenade launcher. Jason calls in to see if they got their target; the HVT escaped, though, or was never there to begin with.

In the episode “Need to Know,” Jason found a photo of former Bravo Team CIA liaison Mandy Ellis in the terrorist headquarters. Her hands were zip-tied and she had blood on her face. She was alive, at least in that moment. Bravo Team is hoping she’s still alive when they find her.

In the episode “Frog on the Tracks,” Bravo Team was actually pulled off the Mandy mission; Jason had ordered Clay and Trent off the train to follow Boukare, their last HVT on the mission and the only link they have to Mandy. Clay and Trent followed Boukare instead of assisting with the suicide bomber on the train; Jason risked depleted firepower just for Clay and Trent to lose the HVT anyway.

Dryden was furious, and took the team off of the mission. But, Davis did her own digging on Dryden’s computer, and got Bravo reinstated. The last we saw, Molotov cocktails were raining down on Bravo. How are they going to get out of this one?