What ‘Starsky & Hutch’ Star David Soul Did After the Show Ended

by Joe Rutland

David Soul became a household name on American television in the 1970s thanks to Starsky & Hutch. What did he do after the show?

Soul, 78, moved to England to continue his career as both a stage actor and musician. Let’s get some help in looking at his post-TV cop work in this article from Best Life Online.

“I fell in love with Britain many years ago and found myself drawn to live here,” the Starsky & Hutch actor told The Sunday Post in 2019. “I have never regretted it.

‘Starsky & Hutch’ Actor Would Have No. 1 Hit Song on Billboard Charts

“Over here I wasn’t just Hutch, I was respected for my music and various forms of acting, including the theatre, which I have also loved very much,” Soul says. His singing career really did start before gaining fame and fortune on the ABC cop show.

Would you believe that David Soul actually had a No. 1 hit on the Billboard charts? He did indeed and it was in 1977 with Don’t Give Up on Us. Soul even found his way on to the famed music show American Bandstand with host Dick Clark. That also worked well for a programming plug as both were on ABC at the time.

“Some people wondered why this guy who was all about driving fast cars and flinging himself at bad guys could suddenly think he was a pop star,” Soul told The Sunday Post. “They didn’t realize that I was a singer and musician long before I made any mark as an actor.”

So, he played Hutch Hutchinson on the cop show opposite Paul Michael Glaser’s David Starsky. These two cats drove around Los Angeles with a sporty-looking sports car that drew a lot of attention.

They also had a friend on the streets helping them in Huggy Bear, played beautifully by Antonio Fargas. Bernie Hamilton played their no-nonsense boss in the police department. If you spin the cable TV channels, then you will be able to find Starsky & Hutch airing somewhere. It is one one the quintessential cop shows from the 1970s world of television.

But the show did appear to help bring buddy-cop TV into a new place. Both Starsky and Hutch did look out for one another while out trying to get the upper hand on criminals in the streets. Their fast-and-loose style, coupled with snappy comebacks and sweet dialogue, made it a must-see show for all four seasons it was on ABC.

Soul did go on and do other things beyond TV work. Glaser had troubles and heartache filter through his life, too, but found comfort in his art and TV work. Glaser, too, is 78 years old.