What Would You Do If Chevy Chase Served You Fast Food?

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images)

This time of year is the time for getting together, enjoying family and friends, and… getting Raising Canes from Chevy Chase?

The National Lampoon’s star is on TVs all across America this time of year. The Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is watched time and time again. Since it came out the film has become a piece of Americana. Cousin Eddie, Russell, Audrey, and the whole Griswold family entertain us even today.

It looks like Raising Cane’s chicken decided to get in on the popularity that Chevy Chase has this time of year. They put him to work in the drive-thru, in the front of the restaurant, and it was hilarious. So many folks took photos and videos and of course, the comedian kept the jokes coming. It looks like he did just fine on his first day.

Check out the video below that Chase posted to Instagram.

“Box Combo, HOLD THE SLAW!” the caption says. In the replies, the official Cane’s account said, “Employee of the month.”

While Chevy has had a long career of comedy and acting work, selling chicken fingers is not on his resume, until now that is. Just imagine you got for a quick combo and just as you are about to get your Cane’s extra bread and extra sauce, you look up and see Clark Griswold handing you your meal.

Chevy Chase Has Been Doing Ads a Lot Lately

If you keep up with Chevy on his Instagram, you will notice that the Raising Cane’s video isn’t his first ad recently. He seems to be running the gauntlet. Maybe he’s getting some extra spending money for the upcoming holiday. Whatever it is, we love it.

Before he was slinging chicken out a drive-thru, Chase did a Christmas Vacation spoof for another company. EmSculptNeo is a fitness item and it looks like the actor has endorsed the product. We see Chevy, perhaps in his character as Clark unwrapping presents and looking unhappy. Apparently, he didn’t unwrap anything he wanted.

Then, we see the Christmas tree shake. We all know this classic bit. As the actor keeps glancing at the tree he hears and sees it move even more. So, he takes a look inside the tree. Instead of a real squirrel, like in the movie, a fake one is sitting next to an envelope.

As Chevy Chase opens it, it turns out to be a coupon for this product. We see his wife come up and talk to him and then he is at the office getting the treatment done. He says he feels fitter and stronger. Who are we to say that he’s wrong?