‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant and Pat Sajak Talk About Former’s Professional Basketball Career

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Paul Warner/WireImage)

Pat Sajak meets a lot of interesting people while hosting his weeknight game show. He’s hobnobbed with bonified stars on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, and he’s chatted with people who have extraordinary stories.

And tonight, he found out that one of his players dribbled for the LA Lakers.

That contestant is Andre Ingram. He wore #20 for the team in 2018.

As he told Pat, Andre had a ten-year career in minor league basketball.

“Which is a lot by any standards,” he explained.

Andre began his career with the Utah Flash, where he stayed for four years. Then, he moved to the South Bay Lakers. He stuck with South Bay for a few years before taking a year-long hiatus to play for The National Basketball League in Perth, Australia.

Once he came back to the states in 2017, Andre Ingram re-signed with South Bay Lakers. And shortly after, he was finally called up to play professional ball.

“I played two gamed with [The Lakers],” Andre shared. “The first game, a very special game—inspired a lot of people.”

During that “special game” Andre played his pro debut at 32-years old, which made him the oldest rookie in over five decades. And he proved that age doesn’t matter by scoring 19 points—the most by a Laker during his first career game since 1993.

Unfortunately, a tendon injury ended Andre’s career in 2020. But he’s still finding ways to win off the court. Tonight, Andre was the Wheel of Fortune champion and he took home a massive prize of $31,750.

‘Due To Supply Chain Issues’ ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Has a New Rule

The supply chain crisis is so bad that it’s affecting our favorite prime time game show.

Shipping issues may be creating a dark cloud over the holiday season. But Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak knows that laughter is the best cure for all life’s disappointments.

So on Twitter, Pat announced a hilarious new rule brought on by the crisis.

“Due to supply chain issues, Wheel of Fortune players will be limited to three vowel purchases per show until further notice,” he wrote.

Of course, all our Wheel Watchers know that vowels are only limited if a player doesn’t have the $250 needed to purchase them. In that case, they can only have three. But normally, that’s all a player needs to solve a puzzle.