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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Pulls Off Unbelievable ‘Buzzer Beater’ Solve to Win Huge Prize

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

It was a “huge” win in front of a “huge crowd” as one Wheel of Fortune contestant barely beats the buzzer for an amazing win during Friday night’s show.

During tonight’s final Wheel puzzle, Joe, one of the recent Wheel of Fortune contestants found himself making the final spin, playing to solve for a phrase.

The letter board wasn’t terrible. There were a few letters revealed, making the puzzle not impossible to solve. However, the puzzle certainly did have a degree of difficulty.

Nevertheless, the Wheel of Fortune contestant pressed on, taking the game down to the wire when he finally guessed the winning clue, just as the buzzer goes off.

And, this last-minute solve won the contestant $39 thousand.

“RIGHT DOWN TO THE WIRE!” notes the Wheel of Fortune Insta page which features a video of the amazing moment. “Joe’s buzzer beater solve earns him $39,000!”

The puzzle contained a total of five words. The answer? “IT WAS A HUGE CROWD.”

A Big Buzzer-Beater Win on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

In the Insta clip, we see the Wheel of Fortune letterboard as it is all ready to go.

The game’s standard puzzle starter, the letters “RSTLNE” have already been revealed on the board. The Wheel of Fortune contestant, Joe, who had made it all the way to the final puzzle then chose “CDGA” for his letter selections. Of these options, there were nine letters out of the phrase’s total of fifteen revealed on the board.

The clip begins as Joe gets ten seconds on the game’s clock to solve the final puzzle.

The Wheel of Fortune contestant gets the first part of the clue almost immediately.

“It was a…” Joe says as his mind races to come up with the answer to fit the crossword-style clue.

He may have had the first few words figured out, but we all know that isn’t enough to gain a win on Wheel of Fortune.

And, as the Instagram clip continues, it begins to look as if the Wheel contestant will fall just short of solving the puzzle’s phrase.

Then, Joe perks up a little bit and begins to solve the puzzle.

For a brief moment, it almost looks as if his excitement may stop him from actually finishing the phrase. However, as Joe takes a breath, he regains his composure, guessing the correct answer, declaring “IT WAS A HUGE CROWD.”

“You got it!” explains the popular game show’s host, Pat Sajak.

“It almost didn’t wanna come out!” the host adds, teasing Joe a little bit before revealing his big prize.

“And a huge win for you too,” Sajak adds revealing the huge $39 thousand prize Joe is taking home for the last-minute solve.