‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Delivers on Wife’s Request By Winning Epic Trip

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by OGUT/Star Max/GC Images)

Winning on Wheel of Fortune is a huge accomplishment. But, walking away from the iconic Wheel of Fortune wheel as a winner who has also earned an epic trip, however, is even better! Especially if your spouse was counting on you to win said epic trip.

During the December 16 edition of Spin the Wheel with Maggie Sajak, the host speaks with the recent Wheel of Fortune winner, Gil.

During the interview, Gil shares how excited he was to not only answer a puzzle correctly but to also take home the winning prize for the night.

“Gil’s wife is one happy lady right now!” exclaims the Wheel of Fortune Twitter page in a Thursday night post featuring Maggie Sajak’s interview with Gil.

Of course, the Wheel of Fortune Twitter page had to note that there is one viewer that will soon be just as happy as Gil. After all, the popular game show’s Secret Santa Holiday Give-Away is well underway for the season. This means that whatever the Wheel of Fortune winner takes home, one lucky viewer gets the same.

“He won a trip to Hawaii,” reads the game show’s Twitter page. “Did you?”

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Winner Was Destined To Take Home His Epic Prize

During his interview with Maggie Sajak, the Wheel of Fortune winner jokes that he was just excited to solve one puzzle, let alone enough to seal in a win.

“I was just happy to solve something,” the excited contestant jokes in the interview.

Then, Gil tells Maggie Sajak will not only be thrilled with his winnings but she will be delighted about the Hawaiian trip that he won.

In fact, Gil notes, his wife had said she hopes he wins a Hawaiian vacation to the specific resort to which his winnings will send them – the new Disney Hawaiian resort, the Aulani.

“My wife said ‘if you win anything, I hope you win a trip specifically to Aulani,'” Gil tells Maggie Sajak in the Spin with Maggie Sajak.

“We were there before the Aulani was and she’s always wanted to go,” Gil tells the host.

In all, Gil won over $68,000 in cash and prizes for his turn at the famous wheel.

And, of course, this means one of the Wheel of Fortune at-home viewers will be winning the same in the game show’s Secret Santa Giveaway.

“I love the fact that somebody else could win that money too,” Gil says with a big grin. Truly a mark of the season, Gil!

‘Tis the season for giving, and Gil has certainly given some amazing prizes to one lucky Wheel watcher!