‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Does ‘Fabulous Work’ Guessing Puzzle

by Amy Myers

When your letters for the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Puzzle just aren’t helping you out, it takes some quick investigation skills to decipher the answer. This is exactly how stay-at-home mom of two Felicia Collins added an extra $45,000 to her grand total.

Prior to the bonus round, Collins earned herself a respectable $15,800 from the Wheel of Fortune regular play. The California-native contestant fought a hard game, but the real challenge would be the ten seconds she had to guess the answer to the “Phrase” category puzzle. As always, host Pat Sajak and letter turner Vanna White revealed the letters “R S T L N E” before Collins added her own three consonants and one vowel. Even with her additional letters, “D C P A,” only 7 out of the 18 squares turned. It was a tough solve, and we could only be certain of one word: “Do.” That didn’t offer much help for the contestant.

Suddenly, the Wheel of Fortune contestant’s face lit up with a bright smile before Sajak could start the clock. As soon as the ticker counted down, Collins shouted, “They Do Fabulous Work.”

Miraculously, this was the answer.

Sajak, astounded by the contestant’s incredible solve, said “I don’t understand this game.”

He then showed Collins her prize of $45,000.

“Does this interest you at all?” he joked.

Of course, the Wheel of Fortune contestant could hardly contain her excitement. She wore a huge grin when she realized she would be taking home $60,800 in cash.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Will Experience ‘Days Packed With Fun’ Thanks to Prize Puzzle Win

Collins’ cash winnings aren’t her only takeaway from her time on Wheel of Fortune. The contestant also managed to win her family a beachfront vacation with her Prize Puzzle victory. Prior to the puzzle, Collins went bankrupt and placed herself in third behind her competitors.

However, she got a lucky break after her competitor, Mike Coughlin, became bankrupt from playing an Express Round. Collins then stole the opportunity to make her guess on the halfway complete puzzle: “Days Packed with Fun.”

The Wheel of Fortune contestant’s incredible solve helped her make the jump from third place to first with $7,400 and a trip to the Mangrove Beach Corendon Curacao by Hilton.

Following Collins’ Prize Puzzle win, she also secured a Triple Toss-Up puzzle with the answer “Vince Vaughn” for $1,000. She also as takes the Final Puzzle by solving “The Three Musketeers” for a whopping $6,400.

Collins’ fellow Wheel of Fortune competitors don’t walk away empty-handed, either. Coughlin took second place and earned $8,650. Meanwhile, LaToya Price placed in third with a total of $1,950.