‘Wheel of Fortune’: Contestant Gets ‘Weird’ in Intro with Pat Sajak

by John Jamison
(Photo by Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic)

She’s married to her son, y’all. And here we thought Wheel of Fortune was a family show. Alright, alright. Amy’s not actually married to her son. The recent contestant simply misspoke when telling Pat Sajak about her husband. But things still got weird.

We’ve seen pretty much everything from Wheel of Fortune over the years. There have been meltdowns, hilarious mistakes, over-the-top personalities. But we’ve never seen Amy before. After Pat Sajak asked her about her relationship status, things took a turn for the interesting.

“I’m married to my rad husband Matt and my weird and funny son Bennett,” Amy answered. But she realized what she’d done before Pat could address what would have been a mind-blowing personal detail. “Well, I’m not married to him, but he’s my weird and funny son.”

“That would be weird,” Sajak chuckled back. Phew, Wheel of Fortune dodged a bullet on that one. Amy went on to explain that her husband and son chose the adjectives they wanted her to use for them. “Rad” is exactly something we’d expect from a dad.

And no, Amy doesn’t make a habit of referring to her son as “weird” on national TV or any other setting for that matter. Bennett just wanted to be described as weird, and hey, the kid knows what he wants. We have to respect it. He’s also funny, too, in case you were wondering.

Pat Sajak, knowing where to find gold, flipped it around on Amy. “What do you think they would’ve chosen for you if you asked them to pick an adjective?”

Amy rolled her eyes and told the longtime Wheel of Fortune host that she’d rather not know. Is it because they’d describe you as weird, Amy?

Pat Sajak Got Gold from Another ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Recently, But it Wasn’t That Weird

Wheel of Fortune fans know that Pat Sajak is a big sports guy. Above all, he prizes baseball, especially his native Chicago Cubs. As it happens, a recent contestant has as much Wrigley Field experience as Sajak. The two were probably at a few of the same games over the years.

“I was a vendor at Wrigley Field, Pat, a long time ago. I sold everything. Hardest product was definitely peanuts. There was an 86-year-old peanut vendor, and that’s who the fans would buy from. If I came around, they would say, ‘Get out of here. We want the 86-year-old,'” said Peter

“I know the guy you’re referring to. Yeah, I grew up there. I went to the games a lot. I know exactly who you mean,” Sajak replied.

Should’ve known, Peter. Young Sajak would’ve given you some peanut business.