‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Impresses in Triple Toss Up Sweep: VIDEO

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Paul Warner/WireImage)

There are those that win a puzzle or two on Wheel of Fortune then there are those that go on runs of puzzle-solving like Ron.

This contestant went on a run and wound up getting a Triple Toss Up sweep. This has been a good week for those sweeps. According to Wheel of Fortune that is the fourth in a row. Ron got a sniff of the category theme and then went to work. Everything opened up as he went through each puzzle.

The toss-up puzzles are tough. It takes a quick recall mind and reflexes to get a sweep. There is a theme with the trip puzzles. Usually wherever the vacation destination is will be the answer to the puzzles. As Ron went through the boards he got more and more confident. Then, he pulled up from deep so to speak. This Wheel of Fortune contestant was on fire!

Check out the Twitter video below and see for yourself.

Athens, Greece. Vienna, Austria. Helsinki, Finland. Those were the three correct puzzle responses. On the last puzzle, he only needed H-E and K-I in “Helsinki.” Ron buzzed in and made sure to sweep up those points and earn himself a big bonus by doing it.

Pat Sajak was great during all of this. He always makes sure to wish the guests luck and cheer them on. With each correct response, Ron kept bringing in the money. Sajak kept getting more and more excited. It was great energy and made the moment all that more exciting as Ron won his big prize.

As for the other Wheel of Fortune contestants, that’s just how it goes. Sometimes someone just gets all the buzzes and all of the puzzles.

39 Years of ‘Wheel of Fortune’

It is hard to grasp, but Wheel of Fortune has been doing its thing for 39 years now. Vanna White and Pat Sajak have been there along the way to make sure it is in good hands. The two have hosted the show the entire time and made it a household name along with themselves.

When it comes to the show today, White and Sajak still enjoy it. “We absolutely love it,” White said in an interview. “We love coming to work. We’ve worked with all the staff and crew here so long. They’re family. So when we come to work, it’s like being together as a family. And it’s fun. It’s fun to come here. We see people win lots of money and have a good time.”

Families around the country and world watch Wheel of Fortune for those reasons and more. White and Sajak are part of folks’ daily routines and nightly rituals. It is a special game show with two special hosts.