‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Proves He Knows His James Bond To Win $10K

by Taylor Cunningham

As one Wheel of Fortune contestant just proved, being a 007 buff can be a profitable business.

On tonight’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, one player named Pete showed off some impressive James Bond chops. And the knowledge earned him a nice prize.

Wheel of Fortune was so impressed with Pete that it posted a video of his quick thinking on its official Instagram page.

During a Triple Toss Up, the players had the chance to with $10K bucks if they could guess all three of the puzzles. And one contestant did just that—with record speed.

The category was “proper names,” and when the clock started to count down for the first round, Pete correctly guessed “Sean Connery” when only six letters had appeared on the board.

When Pat Sajak moved onto the second round, Pete miraculously solved the puzzle with only three letters shown. The answer was “Daniele Craig.”

By the third round, Pete had figured out that all three answers were going to be James Bond actors. And once two Os and an E popped up, he rang the buzzer to guess “Roger Moore.”

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Shares Incredible Story About Meeting Prince

A Wheel of Fortune contest shared a story about meeting Prince. Apparently, he taught her how to play pool. And as she told Pat Sajak, that’s why she “plays pool very badly.”

In between rounds on Wheel of Fortune, host Pat Sajak likes to get to know his players. During the meet-and-greets, the contestants will usually tell interesting stories. And in a recent episode, a player named Desiree told the world that she “once danced with Prince” and “he taught her how to play pool.”

And yeah, she’s talking about the Prince. The same legendary artist who sang When Doves Cry.

Pat was flabbergasted by the story, and maybe even a little jealous. But honestly, who wouldn’t be jealous?

As the story goes, Desiree had snuck into the singer’s LA nightclub while she was still underage. And just when she thought she was busted, she found out that she had caught Prince’s eye.

“I was with my fake ID at Glam Slam, his nightclub in downtown L.A., and security came up to me,” the Wheel of Fortune guest said. “I thought they were busting me for my fake ID, but no, it was because Prince wanted to dance with me.”

What makes the tale even better is that the two danced to Rump Shaker.

After her story, Pat suggested she write a book about her adventure and promised that he’d read it. We’d probably read it, too.