‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Comes From a Long Line of Wheel Watchers

by Megan Molseed

Sure, we all know that Wheel of Fortune is one of the longest-running game shows of all time. Generations have been tuning in to watch the popular game show for some of the most exciting wheel spins for well over four decades.

But, the wheel-spinning puzzle game probably hasn’t been on quite as long as one recently contestant interview seems to imply.

During the traditional introduction interviews at the top of one recent Wheel of Fortune episode, the game show’s host Pat Sajak was discussing what the popular game show means for one contestant and his family.

And, the Wheel of Fortune Instagram page loved the clip so much, they had to share a clip of the conversation for their followers to enjoy.

As the recent Wheel clip starts, one contestant named Doug is telling Pat Sajak, and his cohost Vanna White, how important the show is to his family.

Doug says, his mother has been tuning in to the popular wheel-spinning game show since its start many years ago.

“My mom is awesome,” Doug says in the Wednesday evening Wheel of Fortune Instagram post.

“She’s like one of the original Wheel of Fortune watchers,” the contestant continues in the interview.

“She tells us she got electricity at age nine, and uh, she’s been watching ever since,” Doug quips in the interview.

“She’s eighty-nine years young,” the Wheel of Fortune contestant adds.

Pat Sajak responds to this information with a robust laugh.

Glad to have Doug on the show since he is a second-generation Wheel watcher, no doubt.

However, the longtime Wheel of Fortune host seems to realize that the math doesn’t exactly work out there. The massively popular puzzle-solving game show first premiered in syndication in 1975.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Has Quite the Legacy

Current hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White took over the hosting duties in the early 1980s. With Sajak running the Wheel and White turning the letters.

Of course, this means the show has been on for quite a while, but certainly not quite as long as eighty years, which is how old Wheel would be if Doug’s mom started watching right after she got electricity at the age of nine.

“There’s a joke here somewhere…” the Wheel of Fortune Insta page says of the hilarious conversation.

Of course, Pat Sajak picks up on this right away during the introduction interview.

“There’s something there,” Pat Sajak quips. “But I ain’t going for it!”

So, Doug and his mother are big fans of Wheel of Fortune, for sure.

But, not for quite as long as it may seem.

We do get it though. This show is certainly a generational treasure! Over the years, Wheel has truly become a part of life for many families who have enjoyed watching it over the years.