‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Who Met Pat Sajak as a Kid Wins $100,000 on the Show

by Madison Miller

It was a full-circle moment on “Wheel of Fortune” last night. Pat Sajak welcomed a contestant to the show that has clearly been a fan of “Wheel of Fortune” for a long time. So much so that she could recognize Sajak out and about when she was only 11.

During her introduction on the show, Lisa shared a fun story with viewers and Sajak. “I was at a local restaurant in L.A. and I ran into you when I was 11 years old,” Lisa said. Sajak quickly asked, “Did you say anything?” and she replied, “I did say hi.”

Luckily, the massive “Wheel of Fortune” star even said hi back to the young fan.

Her long time watching the show really paid off for her during last night’s episode. She ended up being the winner and progressed to the Bonus Round. She did an outstanding job guessing random letters and was left with a fairly easy puzzle to solve. You could tell the exact moment she knew the correct answer already because she was smiling from ear to ear excitedly. The answer was “Vultures Overhead.”

From the bonus round she won an additional $100,000 to bring back home. Maybe she could use the money to go out to eat in L.A. and possibly even spot Sajak again.

Vanna White Mistake on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Over the years, both Pat Sajak and Vanna White have gotten to see plenty of very successful contestants come on down to “Wheel of Fortune.” Both have also slipped up on occasion and made small mistakes.

Sajak has been in the news a few times in the last few years for small errors while hosting. One of the most memorable was when he accidentally used the answer to the puzzle casually in a sentence when a contestant was trying to solve it.

Vanna White joined the game show in 1982. She has been revealing those letters for 40 years now. During an appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” White shared a mistake she made that still sticks with her.

“I was mortified. I don’t even remember which was the correct puzzle. It was either ‘Dr. Spock’ or ‘Mr. Spock,’ and I turned the ‘M’ or the ‘D.’ And it was like, ‘That’s the wrong letter! Oh, my gosh!’ I’m scarred for life on that,” White shared. This was at the time that White had to actually physically turn the letters over because the board wasn’t electronic yet.

They had to throw that puzzle out due to that mistake. A mistake like that hasn’t happened again on her watch. It’s such a small mistake to be scarred for life over, but it certainly shows you just how seriously the “Wheel of Fortune” star takes her job.