‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Shelby Wins Big With Impressive Bonus Round Solve

by Megan Molseed

One Wheel of Fortune contestant just raked in the big bucks with an impressive bonus round solve. The long-running game show regularly gives contestants competing in the bonus round a mere ten seconds. But, sometimes watching the solve unfold can still feel like an eternity. The guesses are sooo close…but will they finally get the right answer before the buzzer sounds off?

This, however, was hardly the case as a recent Wheel contestant named Shelby took her turn at the bonus round. Instead, the Wheel contestant solved the bonus round puzzle so fast that it felt as if the game show contestant was simply reading a phrase – not solving a game-winning phrase.

Picking the Right Letters To Finish the Bonus Round

As the bonus round begins, the Wheel of Fortune letterboard features a three-word phrase for which the gameshow contestant must solve. Wheel of Fortune fans know well that each bonus round puzzle gives contestants six letters – R, S, T, L, N, E – to start. With these on the board, Shelby starts with four letters given in the three-word puzzle. Two in the first word, and two in the last word.

The Wheel of Fortune player then picks four letters herself to help solve the puzzle. Three consonants and a vowel. Shelby selects D, C, P, and O for this part of the round. However, these choices don’t give the gameshow contestant much more on the board. A “D” is added to the first word, and an “S” is added to the last word.

An Impressive ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Puzzle Solve

It’s a decent start to the puzzle for the contestant to solve in the bonus round. However, it’s certainly not a “give-away” moment. Shelby still has plenty of guessing to do to clinch her Wheel of Fortune bonus round win.

“I don’t know,” says Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak, noting that Shelby has shown quite a talent for solving puzzles in the speed rounds.

“Good puzzle solver,” Sajak says of the Wheel contestant. “Let’s see if that can carry over.”

Then, as soon as the clock begins, Shelby makes the impressive solve.

“Beyond My Grasp!” the Wheel of Fortune contestant exclaims.

Well, her puzzle-solving skills were certainly not beyond Shelby’s grasp! The one-second Wheel of Fortune bonus round solve turned out to be a major win for the contestant.

“Yeah, you got it,” Pat Sajak exclaims as the crowd goes wild. The contestant is elated when her bonus round puzzle prize is revealed…$39,000. This gives the Wheel player a total of $66,000 in winnings.

“Do you have any use for $66,000?” Pat Sajak asks the Wheel of Fortune winner over the cheering and clapping in the studio. A breathless Shelby quickly quips back “I’ll find something!”