‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Solves Puzzle with Impressive Shot in the Dark

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

During tonight’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, one contestant took a shot on a puzzle that ended up doubling her winnings and earning her an international vacation.

Amy Smith of Studio City, California made it her New Year’s resolution to be on Wheel of Fortune, and just 20 days into the new year, she completed her goal. The contestant explained to host Pat Sajak that she is a production manager for a company that makes “puppets and creatures” for TV shows. As peculiar as her job was, it might have ended up helping her with some strange answers to the episode’s puzzles.

Halfway through the game, Smith had just shy of $10,000 in her bank. The prize puzzle’s category was “Food and Drink,” which can sometimes have some obscure answers. This was no challenge for Smith, though. Once she and her opponents determined that “E” and “R” were a part of the answer, Smith could fill in the rest. With 10 letters remaining, Smith called out, “The Best Pretzel Ever.”

Sajak, amazed that the Wheel of Fortune contestant solved the puzzle so easily, stared at her for a moment.

Smith just shrugged her shoulders and with a laugh claimed, “I love pretzels.”

Hopefully, she likes beer and skiing, too, because she won a trip to Germany and Switzerland worth $12,898, raising her total to $22,848.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Misses Bonus Puzzle

By the time the regular game ended, Wheel of Fortune contestant Amy Smith had $37,948 to her name. Now, it was time to see if her quick thinking could help her in the bonus round. Prior to the break, Smith chose the category, “Phrase,” another one that tends to be a bit ambiguous.

In addition to the usual given letters, “RSTLNE,” Smith chose “HMCA,” and because she won a wild card earlier the game, she got to chose another consonant, “P.”

Unfortunately, though, even with the extra letter, the Wheel of Fortune contestant didn’t receive much help from her choices. With only 10 seconds on the clock, she couldn’t make out the final two words in the phrase.

The answer was, “I Have Lofty Amibitions,” a tough solve if you don’t have a “B” or “I” on the board already.

Sajak was sorry to announce that Smith would not be taking home an additional $39,000, but on the bright side, she still had her current amount and her trip to Germany and Switzerland. It was a bittersweet finish to the game, but Smith could relish the fact that she managed to solve a puzzle with only two known letters.

And that was a win on its own.