‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Surprises Parents by Being on Show, Wins Massive Prize

by Taylor Cunningham

Imagine turning on Wheel of Fortune one night and seeing your daughter solving puzzles with Pat Sajak and Vana White—but you had no idea she’d been invited to play. That’s what happened to two Wheel Watchers tonight.

One contestant on Friday’s Wheel of Fortune decided to make her game show debut a surprise for her family. As she told Pat in a Twitter clip, her parents are Wheel fanatics. So she thought it would be fun to surprise them with her appearance on the show.

She admittedly took a gamble by not telling them about the episode because there was always a chance they could miss her. But Stacy thought it was worth the risk.

“They’ve probably never missed an episode of the show,” she joked. “I’m hoping this is the one episode they don’t miss.”

Whether Stacy’s parents watched the show or not, she definitely made them proud. She breezed through each round with an ease that only someone raised on the show could possess. The other players never stood a chance against her Wheel of Fortune genius.

The player ended up making it to the bonus round where she correctly solved the puzzle with “Bamboo Grove.” Her Wheel of Fortune savvy ended up scoring her a brand new Ford Escape and an overall total of $60,150.

“I know some parents are going to be very happy tonight,” Pat said as Stacy waved from her new land yacht.

Hopefully, Wheel of Fortune gives us an update on Stacy in the future. We’re all dying to know if her parents tuned in to tonight’s episode and what they said after watching their daughter win big.

One ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Solves Puzzle Just in the Nick of Time

On an episode of Wheel of Fortune last week, one player proved that every second counts.

During November 19th’s Wheel of Fortune episode, Joe, a returning contestant, was lucky enough to take a stab at the final puzzle. And he used up every ounce of time the clock gave him.

When Vana revealed the first set of letters to Joe, his chances of winning didn’t look too slim. And after his guesses, the 14 letter answer had only 6 empty slots.

Once the clock started ticking, Joe started to frantically fumble for an answer. And when it came “RIGHT DOWN TO THE WIRE,” as Wheel of Fortune wrote, Joe spit out, “It was a huge crowd.” His last word collided with the buzzer leaving absolutely no more time to guess.

The answer ended up making Joe $39K richer and proved that he can handle himself quite well under pressure.