‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Wins 2 Disney Vacations and an Insane Cash Prize

by Maggie Schneider

The last Secret Santa Holiday Giveaway for the season is a big one. See last night’s winner go home with some dream prizes!

The “Wheel of Fortune” Secret Santa Holiday Giveaway is officially over. Contestants and SPIN ID members always look forward to winning festive prizes during the holidays. It is a lovely tradition. This week, fans are still talking about Angela!

Angela solves a puzzle with the theme “Around the House.” In the clip, she quickly completes the challenge and ends the night with over $80,000 in winnings. She also leaves the “Wheel of Fortune” set with 2 Disney Vacations. One of these trips is to Costa Rica! I’d say that these are the perfect Christmas gifts for the whole family.

Fans are enjoying the episode and are happy for Angela.

“what a great way to end the second week of Secret Santa👏👏 Congratulations Angela,” one fan comments. “She cleaned up!” another says.

‘Wheel of Fortune’: Maggie Sajak Interviews Angela

“Wheel of Fortune” Social Correspondent Maggie Sajak interviewed Angela at the end of the night. The daughter of “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak asks the contestant if she had any strategies when playing the game.

“Buying vowels and just using logic when it comes to certain puzzles,” Angela replies. According to the contestant, It is as simple as that!

Sajak continues to ask Angela if she is excited about her winnings. It looks like the contestant is planning her big trip to Costa Rica for a special occasion.

“I have not been to Costa Rica but it has been on my bucket list,” she says. “It’ll be a great anniversary trip.”

Angela is also a big Disney fan. She is excited to plan her second trip for her children. “That will be super exciting. I can’t wait to take my boys.”

Sajak ends the interview to talk about the “Wheel of Fortune” SPIN ID program. Viewers at home can sign up and win just as many amazing prizes as Angela. It is a way for the game show to give back to its biggest fans.

“You won so much money, two trips, but also for someone at home, how does that feel?” Sajak asks. “That’s so exciting that Wheel [of Fortune] is helping the community as well,” the contestant responds with a smile.

“Wheel of Fortune” fans, go check your SPIN ID numbers! You just may be the winner of this season’s final Secret Santa Holiday Giveaway. If not, there’s always a new episode to look forward to.