‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Wins Cash and an Audi Days After Contestant Missed the Car on a Technicality

by Jonathan Howard

It seems that at least once or twice a year Wheel of Fortune has a controversy following a rule technicality that leaves fans wondering what happened.

Well, the latest happened when a contestant missed out on a new Audi due to a long pause during an answer. The show has a rule that long pauses, even when done before the buzzer, can lead to incorrect answers. You know it all at once or you don’t get it at all. A contestant, Charlene, paused too long for her answer to count. She missed out on the Audi and fans were very upset.

However, fans were able to see another contestant, Leslie, take home not just the Audi but a lot of cash. With her answer, “healthy appetizer” in the bonus round, she took home the big prize. A new Audi Q3 plus $19,000 isn’t bad for a half-hour of work.

“That’s the way we like to end a show,” Pat Sajak said as the contestant hopped into her new ride. The Wheel of Fortune host knows that fans like to see big winners. It must not be fun to be the guy that has to tell contestants they missed out on a minor rule infraction.

While Charlene’s night didn’t end with the big prize, at least Leslie got to celebrate. That made fans happy, but they couldn’t help but remark about Charlene in the replies to the video on Twitter. This is going to be something that sits in the minds of fans for a while it seems.

For those worried that Wheel of Fortune made Charlene miss out on the big prize, don’t worry too much. Audi reached out to the contestant and is going to get her that new car after all.

Audi Finds ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant and Gives Her Car

Alright, so there was a lot of commotion about the Audi and whether or not the pause in Charlene’s answer should have been accepted or not. She said all of the right words, however, it was broken up by about 4 or 5 seconds from the second to last word to the last word. By the rules of the game, that cannot be accepted.

However, that did not stop swarms of fans from taking to Twitter. Now, social media has its issues, but sometimes it can do some good. This time around, it did good. Fans were able to take to social media and get Audi’s attention. Each year the German car manufacturer has its “Season of Audi,” sales event. So, it makes sense just from a PR standpoint to step in and do something.

The Wheel of Fortune army got together and now it appears that Charlene is going to get her Q3 after all.