‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Wins New Car With Incredible Bonus Round Puzzle Solve

by Maggie Schneider

Watch this “Wheel of Fortune” contestant win a brand new car by solving this bonus round puzzle. It’s pretty impressive.

Wouldn’t it be nice to win a new car? “Wheel of Fortune” contestant Eric is experiencing this excitement first hand. He wins a Mazda MX-30 after quickly solving a bonus round puzzle!

The category is “Food & Drink.” Per bonus round rules, Eric can only choose three more consonants and a vowel. He makes four strong choices with “H,” “W,” “P,” and “A.” The board fills up, only leaving one obvious space open. The phrase on the board is “Whole Wheat Pasta,” and Eric solves the puzzle correctly.

“It’s nice when you know it before you start calling the letters,” host Pat Sajak teases. “And then you get a new car.”

Sajak shows Eric his prize and he is ecstatic. Running over to the vehicle, Eric gets in the passenger seat and smiles. In addition to the new car, he leaves the show with $59,150 in winnings. The audience cheers him on!

“That’s the way we like to go out,” Sajak says.

Pat Sajak’s 40 Years on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

“Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak is celebrating 40 years of being on the game show. His very first episode hosting the game was on December 28, 1981.

Maggie Sajak, his daughter, wished him a happy “Wheel-iversary” on social media. The sweet message includes a throwback picture of Pat Sajak.

Fans are congratulating Pat Sajak on the accomplishment. They also thank the game show host for being a part of their own special memories.

“Happy 40th Wheel-iversary @patsajak Always watched the show & my parents who loved it filmed me watching WOF & asking my uncle who was dressed up as Santa Clause to bring me a WOF board game. Don’t believe me I still have the tape & the game. Thanks for the great entertainment,” one fan writes.

“Thank you to you & Vanna for all of these years of the Wheel! At 67, I have so many memories. Even my dear mom & dad watching the Wheel all of their years from the beginning. Holding hands side by side & so enjoying figuring out the puzzles,” Terry Law writes. “Happy Anniversary Mr. Sajak! Congratulations on an incredible accomplishment. We wish you and your family great things to come,” another comments.

It looks like Pat Sajak has no plans to slow down. Alongside Vanna White, the pair renewed their contracts through 2024. We definitely have a few more years to watch the dynamic duo in our living rooms.

For now, the “Wheel of Fortune” funnily hopes for a better 2022.

“What a week! Dec 25…Christmas Day. Dec 28…40th anniversary of my first “Wheel” on NBC daytime. Dec 31…32nd wedding anniversary. Jan 1…2022 begins. And it almost has to be better than 2021, doesn’t it? Well, doesn’t it?”