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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestants Speed Through the Triple Toss Up Round

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

Today on Wheel of Fortune, three quick-thinking contestants solved the Toss Up puzzles in record time. And Pat Sajak was left nearly speechless.

The Triple Toss Up Round was quite the spectacle on tonight’s Wheel of Fortune. Players Lauren and Rich buzzed through the puzzles in 36 seconds, proving that their brains worked as fast as their fingers. And after the episode aired, the show was so impressed that it posted a clip of the race on Twitter.

“Maybe we didn’t make it clear,” they captioned with the video. “But this is the Triple Toss Up Round, not the Speed Round!

The clue for the Toss Up was “Phrase.” And once the clock started ticking, only two letters made it to the board before Lauren chimed in to correctly answer with “Happy Birthday.”

Then the next puzzle popped up with an “R” and a “Y” on the screen. And Rich’s trigger finger was so fast that Pat actually laughed out loud. Rich correctly answered “Happy Anniversary” to win $2,000.

After Rich proved his puzzle savvy, a tickled Pat said, “We may set a time record for solving these.”

The last round proved to be the toughest, but Lauren still managed to figure it out within seven seconds. The answer was “Happy Monday.” And with her two Tripple Toss Up wins, she ended up $4,000 richer.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Are Angry After Minor Technicality Led to a Big Loss

On Thursday’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, contestant Steven Page won a fat nine grand by solving a puzzle with the answer “Quality Craftsmanship.” But he didn’t actually say “Quality Craftsmanship” after he buzzed in. Instead, he said, “Quality Craftmanship,” meaning he missed the “s” in the word.

Now, the slight mispronunciation may not seem like a big deal to most people. But Wheel of Fortune is notorious for being a stickler about those sorts of things. And in the past, many players have lost loads of money for misspeaking or adding the word “and” to an answer.

To make matters worse, Steven’s win left another contestant without the chance to solve her puzzle. Because of that, she lost her lead. And in effect, she lost the show.

The injustice sent Wheel of Fortune fans into a tizzy on the internet, which is understandable. Players get one chance to win big on the show. So losing due to an oversight tends to make people sour.

“That’s incorrect! Lisa deserves another $9k, as she would have got that on the next turn.” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Wheel of Fortune just cheated a lady out of a spot in the bonus round by counting as correct a mispronounced answer,” another fan raged. “If you can’t add an ‘and’ to a crossword, you can’t pronounce it wrong and get credit.”

The other contestants took the oversight with grace though. According to Yahoo!, they said that they had a “good time” and were happy to go home with some extra cash.