‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Believe They Spotted Error in Recent Episode

by Michael Freeman

Game shows are typically on point when it comes to accuracy and fact-checking, but it’s always possible for something to fall through the cracks. A recent Wheel of Fortune episode may fall into that category as fans think they spotted a huge error.

Last night’s Wheel of Fortune episode may have contained a glaring error and one that cost a contestant the Bonus Round Puzzle. Kennise Miller is the player in question who had to solve a puzzle under the “person” category, according to Yahoo! Entertainment. She was only able to obtain two of the nine letters and wasn’t able to guess the answer, which was “Young Jock.” This is what confused fans, as they believed the show meant to reference the rapper, Yung Joc. You may recall his big single in 2006, “It’s Goin’ Down.”

This potential error is huge and has fans calling for Miller to get a second chance. Twitter exploded after last night’s episode, with many people attempting to correct the show’s misspelling.

“It’s Yung Joc not Young Jock,” Twitter user Refined Rubies wrote immediately upon seeing the puzzle’s answer. “She should have another shot. Why in the world would you even use the name and not research?”

Rubies’ tweet is one of many asking the same thing. Even people who didn’t get the reference wondered how “Young Jock” even qualifies as a person in the first place. “YOUNG JOCK. As opposed to OLD JOCK…..What the heck is this,” one user tweeted.” Who even uses this term anymore. I’m all for freedom of speech but I think the brains behind this one needs to go. And if it’s computer generated than give the heave ho to the old Commodore 64.”

Wheel of Fortune has yet to comment on the potential error.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Has Startling Boneless Wing Realization

Just like Wheel of Fortune fans had a realization about last night’s puzzle, the show’s own host recently had his own. After learning the truth about boneless wings, Pat Sajak is mentally devastated.

Twitter often serves as a place for Pat Sajak to post humorous anecdotes and puns. However, it also serves as a sounding board for some of life’s most life-shattering facts. That’s right, Sajak finally learned the truth about boneless chicken wings and life will never be the same for him.

“So it turns out that boneless chicken wings aren’t actually wings at all; they’re just cut-up pieces of white meat,” Sajak somberly tweeted. “I don’t think I can take many more of these psychological body blows.”

His followers tried to ease his pain by telling things like the fraudulent wings are actually “adult chicken nuggets” or “tenders,” but the damage has been done.

No one tell him about Santa Claus.