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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Call Out Big Game Show Mistake

by Taylor Cunningham
Wheel of Fortune
(Christopher Willard/ABC via Getty Images)

Wheel of Fortune fans are seriously confused after a player’s score went rogue during a recent episode.

The incident surrounded Wednesday’s (March 15) contestant Carla. At one point in the episode, she had amassed $6,750. Then after the other players spun the wheel, the camera returned to her, and she had $0.

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Carla took another turn and landed on $3,500. After guessing “R,” host Pat Sajack revealed that there were indeed two of the letters, and her score jumped to $7,000 accordingly.

The contestant followed by buying a vowel for $250, which would have brought her total down to $6,750. But instead, it took her to $3,000.

The scoring shenanigans didn’t stop there, either. Carla went on to incorrectly guess the letter “D.” Then, on her next turn, she correctly guessed “G” after hitting the $700 wedge, which prompted Sajack to say, “well, you got some money back ” and further confuse the audience.

After going into the Express Round, Carla solved a puzzle. But instead of earning more money, her total dropped to $1,450.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Believe the Show’s Editors Played the Episode out of Order

No one on the gameshow mentioned the crazy scoreboard during or after the episode, and fans are still scratching their heads over the ordeal.

“What happened tonight with the woman-in-yellow’s money?” a fan asked Wheel of Fortune on Twitter.

“Now that you mentioned it, something seemed off to me as well,” replied another. “It’s like they deliberately rigged the score to push him through.”

Another person who watched the show pointed out that the “woman named Carla solved ‘A Warm Evening Breeze.’ On her 1st letter, she spun $3500 & got 2 R’s for 7k & bought a vowel. She missed a letter. Then it came back to her. She got $1k express & solved but her $6,750 vanished.”

Based on that person’s calculations, Carla should have won the entire game. So the blunder was quite big.

Since the series hasn’t commented on the issue, audience members have tried their best to understand what went wrong. And the only conclusion they came to is that the show edited out a bankruptcy, or it showed the spins out of order.

“It looks like what happened was there was a null sequence (no correct letters were called),” someone noted. “And during that time, the person at the blue podium hit Bankrupt. That would explain Pat’s “you got some money back” comment.”