‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Left Stunned Over Contestant’s Wildly Impressive Puzzle Solve

by Megan Molseed

The puzzles featured on The Wheel of Fortune are not always easy. And, those final Wheel puzzles are even more difficult. With only a few seconds to guess the puzzle with just a few selected letters revealed on the board, it’s easy to be left in the lurch with hardly a chance to guess the correct answer.

However, every once in a while the letters work perfectly, revealing themselves in a manner that makes the Wheel of Fortune puzzle easy to solve.

But, other times, it’s the contestant that nails it – guessing the answer with just a few clues revealed on the board.

This is exactly what happened during a recent Wheel of Fortune episode, when one woman defied the ods, solving a puzzle that too many, seemed pretty unsolvable.

In a recent Instagram post, Wheel of Fortune shared the exciting moment when a contestant named Valerie nailed the answer on the very first guess, with just nine letters revealed in a three-word puzzle containing sixteen letters. The clue? “Phrase.”

“… HOW did Valerie solve that?!” the Wheel of Fortune Insta page exclaims in the recent post depicting Valerie’s big win.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Player Nails The Answer In Impressive Solve

The first word of the three-word puzzle is revealed as “HE.”

The second word had the last two out of three letters revealed, “_AS.”

It was the final word in the puzzle that seemed the most daunting for the contestant as she had ten seconds to solve the phrase.

Just five letters in the ten-letter word have been turned, “_AM_ _ _ _ LED” as Valerie begins to solve the puzzle.

But, just a few seconds after the clock starts, Valerie solves the puzzle: “HE WAS BAMBOOZLED.”

“Yes!” exclaims Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak as the crowd begins to cheer.

“I thought you were going to just struggle and struggle,” the longtime game show host continues.

In the end, this amazing play won Valerie $39,000. This, of course, is on top of the winnings she had already collected during the show.

The Answer Has To Be Just Right

While Valerie’s puzzle-solving skills were right on point recently, actress Michelle Trachtenberg struggled with her puzzle in a recent Celebrity Wheel of Fortune episode.

Well, the actress didn’t necessarily miss the clue as much as she simply mispronounced the answer. Which, of course, leads to the answer being considered as wrong.

The clue for the puzzle was “Title,” and the answer is the name of the popular Disney + series The Mandalorian.

However, Trachtenberg tried to solve the puzzle by mispronouncing the title. Fellow celebrity contestant, Jason Mraz then buzzed in, solving the puzzle for the win.