‘Wheel of Fortune’ Featured Contestant from ‘Survivor 41’

by Megan Molseed

Heather Aldret may have become known to many television viewers during her time on Survivor 41, but this was not the first time that she appeared on reality television. The contestant gave the famous wheel a few spins during an earlier appearance on the popular game show Wheel of Fortune over ten years ago.

Sure, it is her run on the popular CBS reality television series that made Aldret known to Survivor 41 audiences as she scored a fourth-place win in the popular competition reality series.

However, Heather Aldret also sought a win competing for some big bucks during a 2010 episode of Wheel of Fortune.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Is A Real ‘Survivor’

Heather Aldret is a native of Charleston South Carolina. Aldret was fifty-two when she appeared on Survivor 41. And, when she made her appearance on the Wheel of Fortune stage on November 8, 2010, the reality television star was 41 years old.

During her introductions with Wheel of Fortune audiences and hosts Pat Sajak and Vana White, Heather Aldert noted that she had a “wonderful husband named Jay Thompson.”

Heather Aldret told the Wheel of Fortune hosts that Jay was absolutely “fabulous.”

The contestant adds that the two had been married for eight years.

During her introductions, the Survivor 41 contestant told Pat Sajak and Vanna White that she and Jay have two “small children.”

One was two years old at the time and another was five years old when she appeared on the popular games show. Heather Aldert went on to say that one of her favorite pastimes was refurbishing her home.

“I have tools, a tool-belt, the whole nine yards,” Heather Aldert tells the Wheel of Fortune hosts. “And I love it.”

According to Heather Aldert’s CBS biography, the Survivor 41 contestant is still married to her husband, Jay Thompson. She has also since become a stay-at-home mom.

Since her appearance on Wheel of Fortune, Heather Aldert has picked up a variety of hobbies. These include “exploring, painting, tennis, and pickleball.”

Three words she has chosen to describe herself are “authentic, passionate, and devoted.”

During her appearance on the 2010 Wheel of Fortune episode, Heather Aldert found herself taking several “bankruptcy” wheel wedges.

This left her with zero chances to solve a puzzle. The Survivor 41 took home a third-place win on the popular word-solving game show. Aldert fell to the winners with just a total winning amount of $1,000.