‘Wheel of Fortune’ Feels the Holiday Spirit With Secret Santa

by Shelby Scott

It seems as though Halloween has just passed, and, truthfully, I suppose it has. Nevertheless, the last 18 months or so has been lackluster due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. As a way to cope, Outsiders have started prepping for the holly jolly holiday season earlier and earlier. Already, retail outlets have switched to their festive soundtrack ahead of the season following Halloween. Now, “Wheel of Fortune” has joined in on the early holiday fun. The official Twitter gave us sneak peeks at exciting prizes ahead of the hit show’s “Secret Santa” giveaway. Check it out.

According to the Twitter post, this year promises not only cash prizes comparable to those won on “Wheel of Fortune,” but also exciting trips to Disney. Further, the hit game show’s correspondent, Maggie Sajak, provided all the information interested Outsiders might need in order to participate in the Secret Santa.

Essentially, those interested in participating should log in or join the Wheel Watchers Club at wheeloffortune.com by November 21st. Believe it or not, that date is already less than two weeks away!

Additionally, Sajak states interested Outsiders should tune in to “Wheel of Fortune” beginning December 6th for a chance to win some of the exciting prizes. Once you sign up, be sure to check back here for any updates!

‘Wheel of Fortune’s’ Host Has Comical Holiday Shopping Update

While “Wheel of Fortune’s” Secret Santa correspondent keeps us updated with any information regarding the game show’s giveaways, it appears she’s not the only one getting in the holiday spirit.

Due to the holiday gift shortages plaguing the U.S. this year, Sajak has taken to shopping early, a wise choice each holiday season, but especially now in 2021. With COVID-19, factories and brands internationally have been forced to close, resulting in the latest supply chain delays and shortages.

As such, Sajak shared a humorous and relatable post on Twitter regarding his holiday shopping situation.

Personally, I don’t think he has a bad idea. Although, I’m terrible at keeping secrets, so who knows how long I would actually be able to hide 2022’s holiday gifts before breaking down?

Either way, fans shared similar sentiments in the comments as well as some well-placed jokes.

“I accept gift cards,” wrote one follower, while another exclaimed, “Pat, GOOD NEWS! I accept VENMO! No need to shop!”

On the same wave length as the “Wheel of Fortune” host, one follower wrote, “Its never too early to start Christmas 2023 shopping!”

Talk about prepared!