‘Wheel of Fortune’ Honors Jim Thornton’s 10th Anniversary, Maggie Sajak Interviews Announcer

by Keeli Parkey

October 2021 marks a major milestone for Jim Thornton. Most of you are probably asking, “Who is Jim Thornton?”

Well, if you’ve watched an episode of “Wheel of Fortune” during the last decade you are familiar with his work – even if you might not be aware of what he looks like. Host Vanna White sums up the work of Jim Thornton perfectly.

“His friendly voice is as familiar to our viewers as just about anything on the show. … This season, we’re marking the 10th anniversary of our good friend and ‘Wheel of Fortune’ announcer, Jim Thornton,” White shared in a video posted to the game show’s social media.

Joining her in celebrating Jim Thornton was her co-host Pat Sajak. He describes Thronton as “an announcing machine.” Sajak also said that the announcer “never makes a mistake” and described him as “one of the best announcers in the business.”

As part of the celebration of Jim Thornton, Maggie Sajak also took fans behind the scenes of “Wheel of Fortune” and interviewed the respected announcer. During the interview, Thornton shared that he has done other work outside his job on the popular game show.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Announcer Jim Thornton Used His Voice for a Role in a Famous Animated Film

In addition to his work on “Wheel of Fortune,” Jim Thornton has also used his talents to provide a voice in a popular animated movie.

“My movie role was in ‘Monsters, Inc.’ – the Pixar movie. I’m the guy who comes on the TV in the beginning of the film, for the beginning of the film, and he says, ‘The future is bright at Monsters Incorporated. We are part of your life. We power your car, blah, blah, blah.’ It’s about 45 seconds and I think it’s really the glue that bound the movie together,” Thornton said with a laugh.

While fans of “Wheel of Fortune” only hear from Jim Thornton in a limited capacity. The studio audience there for tapings of the game show hear a lot more from him.

“I love it. The thing about the audiences here is, you know, they’re very accessible, and I get to meet them, make bad jokes, you know. … It’s not a tough audience, but they’re so sweet and it’s not like you have to win them over,” the announcer also said.

Jim Thornton also talked to Maggie Sajak about what a typical workday on “Wheel of Fortune” is like for him. He said he starts his day early.

“So it gives me a lot of time to sort of go through things, you know and look at my scripts” Norton also shared. “I’ll run through it once. And then, we all get together … to look at the prize puzzle – the things I give away.”

You can watch “Wheel of Fortune” celebrate Jim Thornton below. It was shared on the show’s Twitter account on Monday, Oct. 4. The video includes comments by hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White, as well as Thornton’s interview with Maggie Sajak below.