‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Calls Out ‘Medical Masks, Cosmetic Surgeries, and Instagram Filters’

by Megan Molseed

Pat Sajak isn’t sure what to make of the world today. Or, more specifically, he’s not too sure if he is getting to know what everyone looks like these days. At least, this is what the Wheel of Fortune host tells his followers in a recent Twitter post.

According to Sajak, a mix of face masks, filters, and surgery has created a world where our real faces seem to stay hidden from others.

“Between medical masks, cosmetic surgeries and Instagram filters, I’m not sure anyone really knows what anyone else actually looks like,” the Wheel of Fortune host joked in an October 29 post.

He’s not really wrong, either.

We all know that for the better part of at least the last year many people have only been exposing the top half of their faces while away from home, wearing their facemasks while out in public.

Of course, as Sajak points out, technology has also had quite an impact on how people present themselves to the world.

Most of the popular apps provide filters galore to help us get the “perfect” photo, even if that snapshot doesn’t truly reflect how we really look.

Sajak Reflects On What His Post-‘Wheel of Fortune’ Life Will Look Like

It seems Pat Sajak has been reflecting on quite a bit recently, not just people’s faces.

Just minutes before his seventy-fifth birthday, the longtime game show host took to Twitter to ruminate about what he will do once he decides to retire as host of Wheel of Fortune.

The game show host narrows his “retirement” activity options down, mentioning two choices he is considering in the October 25 Twitter post.

“Now that I’ve reached 75, and with retirement a couple of years off, I’ll be the perfect age for a presidential run. Or a wood carving career,” jokes Sajak. “Haven’t made up my mind yet.”

Who knows what retirement activity Pat Sajak will eventually settle on. Of course, he could start picking up the wood-carving hobby in his off-time.

Either way, Sajak certainly has plenty of time to finalize his decision. Clearly, the Wheel of Fortune host isn’t going anywhere at the moment.

Especially as the hit game show continues its historic Celebrity Wheel of Fortune run.

This week, Sajak and his cohost, Vanna White, will be welcoming three new celebrity guests to the Celebrity Wheel of Fortune stage as the newest episode is set to air this Sunday.

This week, Anthony Michael Hall, Mario Cantone, and Loni Love will be taking the stage, competing to win one million dollars for their chosen charities.