‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Claims He Could ‘Embarrass’ Muscular Contestant in Hilarious Moment

by Jonathan Howard

After 38 years on the air, Pat Sajak is still bringing his wit to Wheel of Fortune. He recently bragged about his muscles. There is no telling what Sajak might say when joking around with a contestant. This time, Jacob got to be the subject of the host’s attention.

Of course, in each episode, each contestant gets to share a bit about themselves. Sajak has the quick facts at the ready whenever he needs them. Sometimes the host just moves on quickly, but other times he likes to mess with the guests a bit. Watch below.

“Obviously, it seems to me, you do a little working out,” Sajak started. “Ah, just a little bit, you know,” the contestant replied. “Well if I didn’t have my jacket on I could embarrass you,” the host quickly quipped back.

“Thankfully you have it on,” Jacob replied. However, the Wheel of Fortune host wasn’t done there.

“A big movie buff…everything about you is buff,” said Sajak as the crowd and contestants began to laugh along. It is just classic Pat and really a treat to see all these years later. He just keeps bringing great rapport and entertainment after almost four decades.

There isn’t much that has changed about the game over the years. Vanna White and Sajak are there every week and ready to bring the Wheel of Fortune action to America. While the fashion and set design has drastically changed over the years, not much else has. That was until Pat started messing around with things recently.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Changes the Final Spin

Every Wheel of Fortune viewer knows what it means when that little chime goes off a few minutes before the end of the show. Final spin. Usually, Pat Sajak steps up to the wheel and gives it a spin. Whatever dollar amount it lands on, the contestants play for while taking turns on the puzzle.

However, now the contestants will spin the final spin. This means that the show will save a little bit of time. Pat doesn’t have to step up and move a contestant out of the way. This is a minor change in the grand scheme of things. That doesn’t mean some fans won’t react in a weird way. Change is hard to take sometimes.

The change has been made already. The first shows featuring the new method of final spin are out. This will continue for the foreseeable future, so get used to it. All that really matters is the contestants anyway. That is what Sajak has said he wants for the show. I think that he is qualified enough to make that decision. Fans of Wheel of Fortune are looking forward to the new season all Fall.