‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Doesn’t Understand Why He Can’t Get His Own Reality Show

by Victoria Santiago

Has Pat Sajak ever written a bad tweet? We don’t think so. The Wheel of Fortune host is back online again, pondering what it takes to get a reality TV show. He already has something better, though – a game show!

The game show host shared a breakdown of what a typical day looks like for him. He joked that even though he did so many things during the day, it still must not have been enough for him to have his own show. He ate dinner, watched some TV, worked out, and ran errands. What more could we ask for?

“Picked up a hamburger after work last night. Watched a little @TCM. Went to bed early. Did the elliptical this morning. Went to the dry cleaners and drug store. Watching hockey this afternoon (and tonight). All that, and I still can’t get my own TV reality show!”

Of course, Pat Sajak’s tweet got some funny replies. The top reply said, “You’re literally on TV every day.” This is true, but just imagine if we had a reality show where he could share all of his thoughts out loud. Another commenter said, “Thanks, Pat. I’d like to buy a vowel.” There were other funny responses as well. Some asked if he had done anything else mundane – maybe doing the laundry would be the missing link. However, the majority of comments were loyal fans saying that they would love to watch him on his own show.

Pat Sajak Has Great Rapport With Anthony Anderson

Thankfully, we get to watch all of Pat Sajak’s antics on Wheel of Fortune. Recently, fans have really enjoyed getting to see the game show host interact with Anthony Anderson, a contestant on the celebrity version of the show. All kinds of celebs on the show act in different ways, but more of them should let loose in the same way that Anderson did. After all, how can you not enjoy yourself around Pat Sajak? The man is nothing short of hilarious.

The actor’s personality shone through during the entire episode. He had little remarks or jokes to make for everything that someone said. Of course, Pat Sajak joined in on the fun. He’s not going to let anyone steal his thunder. Anderson’s tactic of just having fun paid off in the end: he won the show against his fellow celebrity competitors, Marcia Cross and Karl-Anthony Towns.

Even though he won the game, Anderson had a few moments where he let his excitement get the best of him. The black-ish actor got a couple of wrong letters and puzzle solves. In the words of Pat Sajak, looks like the actor was “wrong-ish” about some of the puzzles. Fans appreciated the quip, even though everyone could see it coming. Anderson went on to win $74,000 for charity.