‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Hilariously Addresses ‘Supermarket Tabloids’

by Quentin Blount

Another day, another hilarious social media post from longtime Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak. If we can count on anything in this day in age, it’s that.

When it comes to the celebrity who has the best online presence on social media, we have to consider the 75-year-old Wheel of Fortune host for the honor. There is no one, on Twitter at least, who posts as many jokes as Pat Sajak.

Now, at 75-years-old, you may be thinking that Pat Sajak might not have a lot left in the tank. That’s what the supermarket tabloids are saying, anyway, and Sajak has taken notice. So, what did he do in response? He took to social media to make a joke about it.

“I noticed one of those supermarket tabloids suggested I was losing my marbles and acting erratically,” Sajak tweeted on Thursday evening. “I think it’s important to not — hey, moth! — that all of us have to be allowed a certain. I’m there, too. I love you guys. Don’t make too much numbers. Peace.”

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Love Pat Sajak’s Humor

As you can probably imagine, Wheel of Fortune fans were loving his latest quip just as much as they love all of the others. It’s something we’ve all grown to appreciate over the years.

“More erratically than normal? Huh,” one fan said. “You’re great Pat Sajak. Seeing you reminds me of watching the Wheel with my grandmother. Warm memories.”

“Your sense of humor is the best, Pat. Don’t ever change!” another fan replied

“I love your off the cuff humor!!” a third follower chimed in. “You’re the best part of the show!”

Speaking of off-the-cuff humor, it was exactly a week ago today that the beloved Wheel of Fortune host was thinking back on the good old days. You know, the days before we were able to share our thoughts for free on social media.

“Remember the old days before free social media when we had to buy newspaper ads to publicly announce our courage, thoughtfulness, virtue, and nobility?” Sajak asked his followers. “It’s so much easier now!”

He’s got a solid point there. It’s officially 2022 and today’s technology is like nothing we’ve seen in the past. Sajak remembers a time when people spoke more in person instead of online when kids still passed notes in class instead of sending texts. Smartphones and social media have made sharing our thoughts easier than ever before. But hey, if it weren’t for all of that, we wouldn’t be privy to all of Sajak’s funny jokes.

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