‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Hilariously Describes Two Big Friendship No-Nos

by Michael Freeman

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak has been in the business a long time and likely has made his share of friends. Often sharing nuggets of wisdom on social media channels, he hilariously describes two big friendship killers you should be aware of.

Clearly in a pensive mood this morning, Sajak took to Twitter to offer valuable insight regarding friendships.

Straight to the point, Sajak tweeted “Two sure ways to break up a friendship in 2021: discuss opposing politics, and tell people you don’t stream their favorite show.”

Sajak’s followers are eating up the tweet and adding their own input. “Why would I ever be friends with someone that doesn’t align politically with me?” someone wrote with a laughing smiley face afterward. “I have a handful of friends I vehemently disagree with on politics, and we have it out on a regular basis. Lol,” writes another. One user brings up a good point in that if one of these subjects ends a friendship, it’s less turkey to worry about on Thanksgiving.

The joke seems to have gone over the heads of some, however. “It depends. I do have friends on the opposite side of the political spectrum, however, they are not crazy far-right. So many have gone too far extreme in one direction, and that is not healthy on either side,” one of Sajak’s followers replied.

Yeah, opposing political views can be a problem, but what are your thoughts on The Queen’s Gambit or Bridgerton?

Pat Sajak Wants a Universe Where People ‘Don’t Judge’ and are ‘Happy’

As evidenced by his recent tweet, Pat Sajak loves to joke around on Twitter. Nonetheless, he often muses on real-world issues. For instance, a few days ago, he talked about wanting an “alternate universe” where people are “happy and friendly” and “don’t judge each other.”

It’s unknown if anything in particular prompted the tweet, but Sajak posted to Twitter about his desire for some fictional aspects to make their way to the real world. “Neither Twitter nor Wheel of Fortune is the real world, but I much prefer an alternate universe where people are happy and friendly, where they don’t judge each other based on politics or race, and where they root for each other to succeed. I appreciate all that more each year,” he said.

Apparently, Sajak’s Twitter followers use Wheel of Fortune as that alternate universe Sajak describes. “Your absolutely right Pat, I love watching the show and just enjoying people having good old fashion FUN! And your right about the reruns of Andy Griffith Show, I too have seen them many times over yet still makes me smile,” someone replied. Others share the sentiment and thanked Sajak for everything he does.