‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Hilariously Recalls the ‘Old Days Before Free Social Media’

by Quentin Blount

There is nobody that’s quite as consistent when it comes to posting jokes on social media than longtime Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak. But it wasn’t always so easy to post jokes for people to see.

Some of us are old enough to remember what life was like before social media, and it was pretty fascinating. Just ask Pat Sajak. People spent way more time talking to one another in person, hanging out, and going to places rather than visiting each other online. Kids passed notes to each other in school instead of secretly sending a text message. We even had pen pals we wrote to, who in some cases were located halfway across the world.

The beloved Wheel of Fortune host remembers those days. But here today, in 2022, it’s an entirely different world. Everyone is connected at all times thanks to social media platforms and the internet. We have all the knowledge in the world sitting right at our fingertips thanks to our smartphones. Shoot, we can even track the GPS location of our friends and family on apps like Snapchat.

Pat Sajak, 75, was thinking about the good old days this week, there’s no questioning that. In a somewhat ironic Twitter post, Sajak thought back to the days of expressing an opinion in a newspaper ad.

“Remember the old days before free social media when we had to buy newspaper ads to publicly announce our courage, thoughtfulness, virtue and nobility? It’s so much easier now!” he said.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Loving Pat Sajak’s Latest Quip

If you can count on anything, it’s that Pat Sajak will show up at his job on Wheel of Fortune and that he will post hilarious remarks online. Fans of the show have come to love following Sajak on social media, many of which responded to his latest remark about the “old days before social media.”

“Used to have to take a full page out to belittle someone,” one follower replied. “Heck, today it’s so much easier!”

“I still clip articles from newspapers and mail them to my thousands of pen pals,” one fan joked. “Sometimes, they write back to tell me they liked them.”

“When one actually had to use their real name and an actual picture of themselves,” said another fan.

And finally, a fourth user on Twitter made a nomination that we can all get behind.

“I nominate @patsajak for the consistently best provider of ‘lead off the day with laughter’!”

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