‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Jokes He’s Preemptively ‘Resigning’ From Major Network

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images)

When Pat Sajak isn’t charming contestants on Wheel of Fortune he is cracking jokes on his Twitter account.

Amid some controversy at CNN, Sajak thought that he would get off a quick joke. While Sajak has been with NBC for years, he couldn’t help but make a little quip about recent news at the 24/7 news network. The longtime TV host is usually making some comment or joke about current events. Check out the tweet below.

There were a lot of fans that thought the joke was hilarious. The cable news world is not always the easiest. News moves at a fast pace, and so does Sajak with his wisecracks. The Wheel host has a very specific sense of humor and his followers and fans love it.

When Sajak makes these jokes it’s a bit like your older uncle or maybe a grandpa making a joke at whatever they saw or heard about that day. A lot of times they are dry and other times they are just straight-up hilarious. This latest quip falls under that second category for sure.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Pat Sajak Chats with Former LA Laker Star

On a recent episode of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune Sajak had a great conversation with one special contestant. A former Los Angeles Laker, Andre Ingram made a great run on the show. He made it all the way to the bonus round.

NBA fans will remember Ingram as the heartwarming story of a player that worked in the minor leagues for his one call-up to the big time. He played 10 seasons for minor league teams. All of that hard work paid off when he was called up for two games in the NBA. Sajak talked with Ingram about that 10-year minor league career.

“I played two games with [The Lakers]. The first game, a very special game – inspired a lot of people,” Ingram said.

It really was a special game. Andre made his debut at 32-years old. That made him the oldest rookie to make a debut in 50 years in the NBA. He didn’t let that get him down. He went out and put up 19 points. That was the most by a Laker in their first career game since 1993. In 2020, Ingram’s career was ended when he suffered a tendon injury.

However, Ingram inspired more people on Wheel of Fortune by winning the whole game and becoming champion. He took home a prize of $31,750 by the end of it.

One thing is clear, after all these years Pat Sajak still loves his job. When you see him on stage during the show it looks like he is still enjoying himself.

Whether he is telling bad dad jokes on TV or on his Twitter account, fans love Sajak and they love Wheel of Fortune.