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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Shares Quip About American Music Awards

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images)

If you are a Wheel of Fortune fan wishing that was on instead of the American Music Awards, don’t worry, Pat Sajak is right there with you. He had a funny quip about the awards show.

One of the biggest nights of the year, the American Music Awards celebrates all the music that makes the country great. From all the stars in country, rock, pop, and more. Of course, with the show taking up so much time, there is no Celebrity Wheel of Fortune for fans that might usually get to see it on Sundays. However, it’s all going to be okay. Check out the tweet below.

“They keep handing out these awards. I’m beginning to think @celebritywof won’t even be on tonight,” the tweet says.

For some folks, awards shows aren’t really their thing. However, a week without Celebrity Wheel of Fortune will just make fans eager to see next week’s episode. There is a wealth of Wheel this season with the regular show and the new season of Celebrity. That means more Sajak, more Vanna White, and more great puzzles to watch from home. It is just so much fun to get together with friends or family and compete from the couch. The excitement of the puzzles and the prizes keep viewers tuning in after decades of the show.

One of the best parts of Wheel of Fortune has to be the exciting puzzle finishes. Contestants make it to the very end of the timer, just to blurt out the right answer and walk away with big money. That is just inherently exciting television! Sajak and Vanna are always there to celebrate alongside the players as well. There was a great clip this past Friday showing another great example.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Buzzer Beater to Win Huge Prize

Friday night’s show was very exciting. Contestant Joe was the best player on the night and he got the honor of trying to solve the Wheel of Fortune prize puzzle. The players never know what prize awaits them on the final spin, and they still have to solve the puzzle to win it, of course.

The good thing for Joe, when the RSTLNE letters were released along with his own choices of CDGA, he had a solid board. Each part of the puzzle had at least some of it filled out. Joe started to sweat as he watched the board. His first few guesses just weren’t doing it. Finally, just in time, he shouted, “IT WAS A HUGE CROWD!”

The Wheel of Fortune board lit up and Joe was celebrating like crazy! He ended up going home with $39,000 just from the last puzzle alone. That isn’t a bad day’s work considering the show lasts half an hour.