‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Reveals the Unique Way He’s Become a Better Person

by Amy Myers

Rarely does a day go by without Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak gracing the world with one of his classic, sarcastic jokes. Whether on the show or on social media, the star always loves to share his humor with his audiences and get them laughing. Today is no different.

Earlier this evening, Sajak spoke to his morality and how he became as successful as he is today. His tidbit had to do with humility and consideration for others – and how he apparently ignored all that on his way to the top.

“I always try to remember that if you step on people on the way up you get to step on them again on the way down. It’s made me a better person,” the Wheel of Fortune host joked.

Of course, what makes this bit even funnier is the fact that, in real life, Sajak is one of the kindest and most genuine people one could ever meet. Through his interactions with fans to conversations with his Wheel of Fortune co-stars, Vanna White and Maggie Sajak, the host always shows his appreciation and admiration of them all – even if only for a moment between jokes.

In another recent tweet, Sajak demonstrated the other side to his comedy – dad jokes. As a father of two grown kids, the Wheel of Fortune star has had plenty of practice with his best puns and tongue-in-cheek humor. As a result, he presented fans with his “meat-based vegetable idea.”

“Just applied for a patent on my line of meat-based vegetables,” Sajak wrote. “Great for keeping peace with vegan friends. The Beefagus is the most promising: USDA Prime Beef cleverly disguised as asparagus spears. The Caulifilet also shows a lot of promise, as do the Porktatoes and Turkmatoes.”

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host to Star in Upcoming Disney+ Film

When he’s not entertaining fans on both Twitter and Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak is preparing for his upcoming role in Muppets Haunted House. The adorable and not-so-scary film will feature all of the classic Muppet characters and a cameo of the game show host.

Sajak’s role is fairly small within the storyline of the Halloween movie, the part is absolutely fitting for the hysterical host – a talking head. Well, actually, it’s a bust. Regardless, it seems to serve as a good representation of his job on Wheel of Fortune.

Sajak expressed his excitement for the movie’s release when one of the Muppets came to join him and White at the end of a recent episode. Pepé the King Prawn stopped by to plug the show and also speak with Maggie Sajak for an insider’s scoop on her dad’s performance on the set. From what the Muppets star shared, it seems everyone enjoyed Sajak’s presence. But, to Wheel of Fortune fans, this doesn’t come as surprise.

Check out Maggie Sajak’s interview with the Muppets Haunted House star below.