‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Reveals What He Finds ‘Condemnable’ in New Post

by Leanne Stahulak

“Wheel of Fortune” host and resident wise-cracker Pat Sajak hit fans with another hilarious observation about society.

Sajak regularly takes to Twitter to voice his thoughts on different topics of conversation. These thoughts are more than likely to make you laugh and consciously consider what he’s saying. There’s always a grain of truth hidden in the “Wheel of Fortune” host’s jokes.

Earlier today, Sajak tweeted about “condemning” things. The whole post reads, “For the record, I condemn all condemnable tweets, speeches, letters, conversations, thoughts & ideas. Please join me in this condemnation. Only by condemning can we rid the world of those things that should clearly be condemned. Those who don’t condemn are themselves condemnable.”

Anyone else’s eyeballs sick of seeing the word condemnable? Whoops.

But the “Wheel of Fortune” host once again gets to the heart of a very key point. We can condemn things all we like, but that doesn’t always result in productive change. If anything, condemning things can lead to even more division and debate about why we’re condemning things. Instead, we should focus on positive action to bring about the result we want or need.

This isn’t the first time this week that Sajak has struck followers with a witty but practical point. He also wrote a hilarious Tweet about celebrities earlier.

“There’s an alarming trend developing in which people are paying less attention to celebrities who are telling them how to live. Please, folks, we have been chosen to be celebrities for a reason. Ignore our experience and our wisdom at your own peril,” the “Wheel of Fortune” host quipped on Twitter.

Another insightful observation. For some reason, we let celebrities dictate the “cool” or “better” ways to live. When in most cases, we’re perfectly capable of leading our own lives, thank you very much.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Celebrates First $100,000 Bonus Round Winner This Season

Congratulations are in order for “Wheel of Fortune” contestant Ilene Knebel. She made it to the Bonus Round earlier this week and walked away with a much bigger prize than anticipated.

Knebel faced the “Around the House” category for her Bonus Round puzzle. While the typical RSTLNE letters filled in a fair amount, there were still plenty of blank spaces left. Knebel managed to fill in a few more with her added letters D, P, M, and O. These additional letters made the answer fairly obvious even for a non-“Wheel of Fortune” contestant.

“Quilted bedspread!” Knebel said immediately after the clock started. “That’s it,” Sajak told her.

While Knebel celebrated, Sajak added, “You know, when you go to the Caribbean, you’re gonna be a big tipper.” Then he revealed her $100,000 bonus prize.

Knebel remained speechless as the confetti dropped from the ceiling around her. She ended up walking away from the game show with $112,000 and a trip to the Caribbean.