‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Sends ‘Christmas Message’ to Anyone Planning to ‘Steal Merchandise’

by Megan Molseed

It seems as if Wheel of Fortune’s longtime host Pat Sajak has some very specific advice this Christmas. Advice that is rather unusual for the game show host. But, it will be helpful for anyone planning a shop-lifting spree this holiday season! (Joking, of course!)

On Tuesday afternoon, the longtime Wheel of Fortune host took to Twitter to share some words of wisdom as we continue to head out to the stores to complete our seemingly endless list of holiday shopping tasks.

But, rather than discussing budgets or tips on how to find the best deal, Pat Sajak went right down to the nitty-gritty, blowing past all of the tips regarding the purchase of these goods.

“A Christmas message to my fellow Californians: If you plan to steal merchandise, please keep it under $950,” the Wheel of Fortune host jokes in the Tuesday afternoon Twitter post.

Of course, the iconic Wheel of Fortune host goes on to explain to his Twitter followers the reasoning behind this truly unusual holiday tip. And, it seems, the tip comes from a very caring place. The popular game show host just wants to make sure his Twitter followers can avoid some prison time.

“This way, it’s a misdemeanor,” Pat Sajak jokes in his Twitter post.

And, the host adds, if it’s just a misdemeanor, you’ll likely avoid hard-time.

“you’ll be less likely to be prosecuted,” Sajak quips.

The Wheel of Fortune host then goes on to express the importance of the most wonderful part of the holiday season: the giving spirit.

“More importantly, there will be more left for others to steal,” Pat Sajak says in the hilarious post.

“Remember,” he adds, “Christmas is for sharing.”

‘Wheel of Fortune’s’ Pat Sajak Considers A Hilarious Change

It seems as if matters of spending are at the forefront of the game show host’s minds these days.

Pat Sajak took to Twitter earlier this week to joke about limiting an important – and very spendy – aspect on the popular long-running game show.

“Due to supply chain issues, Wheel of Fortune players will be limited to three vowel purchases per show until further notice,” Pat Sajak jokes in a recent Twitter post.

As any Wheel of Fortune viewer knows, each time a contestant on the game show wants to add a vowel to the letter-board while solving a puzzle, it will cost them a cool $250.

Of course, sometimes a player is fine with spending a good chunk of their winnings to buy these valuable letters if it helps them solve the puzzle, securing the win overall. Other times, Wheel of Fortune players can skate through a puzzle with only consonants on the board, avoiding the purchase of the pricey vowels.

But, are they really going to be limited? Of course not! Any Wheel of Fortune contestant can purchase any A, E, I, O, or U that they want…provided they have enough cash to do so!