‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak’s Hot Take About S’mores Has His Friends Angry

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Mike Pont/Getty Images)

Pat Sajak is always posting jokes on Twitter and other platforms.

These days, a lot of people around his age struggle with social media. But Pat Sajak gets a thrill out of it. With the recent years being more tech-savvy, the older generation is learning how to use technology every day.

Sajak took his technology skills to Twitter to discuss his opinion on s’mores. You know, the yummy treat you eat by the bonfire on a chilly autumn night? And you must toast the marshmallow just right. No one wants to eat a burnt marshmallow with their chocolate and graham crackers. At least, some families wouldn’t.

In the tweet, Sajak mentioned that he didn’t care much for s’mores, which hit his friends right in the gut.

Throughout the comments, Wheel of Fortune fans couldn’t believe their eyes.

“And then you brought that nonsense to the internet?” one said.

Pat Sajak Remembers the Old, Beloved Wheel of Fortune Director

Unfortunately, we lost the former Wheel of Fortune icon today. The current host, Pat Sajak, is mourning the loss of his colleague and brother, Dick Carson. In case you didn’t know, Carson directed the show for 22 years before he retired in 2000. This position made him very successful, and he will forever have a name with Wheel of Fortune.

Carson proved himself to be a phenomenal director through many opportunities. And all of this experience granted him the Lifetime Achievement Award. If Carson was still with us today, he would be thrilled to find out this news. But legends never die. His name will always be with Wheel of Fortune, and the many other shows he was part of.

All in all, a human with this much talent doesn’t just fade. The Outsider team conveys our sincerest condolences to Dick Carson’s family, friends, and community.