‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Remembers Late Betty White With Four Simple Words

by Kati Michelle

“Wheel of Fortune” fans haven’t exactly been happy with the show’s handling of certain things recently. First, there was the botched car prize due to a technicality and later, the show seemed to ignore Pat Sajak’s 40th anniversary as host. But regardless of how you feel about those topics, there’s one thing we can all agree on today. That’s the fact that Betty White was a national treasure who will be dearly missed. Her influence spanned far and wide from “Jeopardy!” to “Saturday Night Live” and even the Super Bowl.

“Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak took to Twitter following the news of her death to offer his own tribute to his mentor and friend. It remembers the late star with four simple words: “God, I loved her!”

Betty White’s Impact on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Here’s the Twitter tribute that Pat Sajak shared with fans remembering the late and great Betty White. Along with the four words, the “Wheel of Fortune” host shared a clip from one of the best episodes of his self-titled “The Pat Sajak Show” circa 1989 in which he brought her on as a guest.

The full clip spans just over 11 minutes and you can access it here:

Betty was already an Emmy-award winner at the time of the show and Sajak introduced her saying he was a “big fan.” As the interview proceeded, Betty mentioned that she had already been in the industry for about forty years by then and she was still “chugging along.”

Years later, everything would come full-circle when “The Golden Girls” appeared as the answer to a “Wheel of Fortune” puzzle in 2008 and then Betty White’s full name a few years later in 2011.

Does Anyone Remember ‘Super Password?’

Betty White and the “Wheel of Fortune” host once joked about how many times the “Password” gameshow got canceled over the years. It seemed that after every tearful goodbye, the show would pop up with a rebranded name shortly after.

Betty White was a staple on the show between 1961 and 1975, eventually marrying the show’s host Allen Ludden. He was her third husband and the pair remained together until he passed away in 1981. Following the sad death, Pat Sajak reportedly sent Betty White a note offering his condolences which she really appreciated at the time.

Both Sajak and Betty made appearances on different variations of “Password” over the years, but this clip comes from one of the five episodes of “Super Password” filmed back in December of 1986. Betty White appears next to Estelle Getty of “The Golden Girls” as well as Lucille Ball and Ann Dusenberry from “Life with Lucy.”

You can watch the whole thing here: