‘Wheel of Fortune’ Star Maggie Sajak is Trying to ‘Act Natural’ in Dazzling New Photo

by Jonathan Howard

It seems that Maggie Sajak is doing more and more on Wheel of Fortune. She has had a variety of roles on the show and now is taking fashion notes from Vanna White.

In a recent Instagram post, Sajak is wearing a sparkly and dazzling dress. With one bare arm and shoulder on her right and a full sleeve down her left, it is quite the ensemble. She posed in front of an elevator and gave it a quick and fun caption. “Your crush is coming over, act normal.”

While the pose is anything but normal, fans are loving the look and the photo. It looks like hanging out with Vanna all these years has rubbed off on her sense of style.

Maggie has been able to do a lot of fun stuff this year on Wheel of Fortune. It wasn’t long ago when the young Sajak filled in at Vanna’s spot on the board. White had to take up Pat’s job as the main host when he had a medical emergency. She performed well and there is just going to be more Maggie as we go on.

That was clear during this last season of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. Maggie orchestrated the Secret Santa segments on social media. When the contestants won money, a lucky fan at home also won money. It was a great way to give back to fans and get them involved.

Maggie Sajak Talks to Former NBA Star

During the last Secret Santa last week, Sajak spoke with former Los Angeles Lakers star Andre Ingram. Ingram is famous for being a journeyman 10-year veteran in minor league basketball. From overseas to the G League he worked hard and made his way.

Ingram was a guest on Wheel of Fortune and talked about his two-game career with the Lakers in the NBA. The basketball star ended up winning $31,000! Maggie talked with Andre and the two just had great chemistry. She seems like a natural interviewer and got a lot of great answers from her guest.

Ingram said that he was a long-time fan of the game and has had his own SPIN ID number for years. So, he was glad to give back to the Wheel community.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Maggie and Vanna Are Close

During Pat Sajak’s health scare and emergency surgery in 2019, Maggie had to step up. While most folks think that Vanna White’s job on the board is just turning letters over and looking nice, that isn’t the case. There are things that she does to make it run easier.

So, everyone had to step up. Vanna went to Pat’s spot, Maggie took Vanna’s spot and the show went on. However, White had to give Sajak a bit of training the night before. Thanks to that training, everything went smooth and Wheel of Fortune was able to get through the rough patch without Pat at the helm.