‘Wheel of Fortune’: Maggie Sajak Interviews Latest Winner and First ‘Secret Santa’

by Megan Molseed

The holidays are officially here! And, Wheel of Fortune is excited to be giving away its very first Secret Santa Holiday Giveaway of the season.

Earlier this evening, Maggie Sajak went behind the scenes to interview the most recent winner who also happens to be the game show’s first “Secret Santa” of the season.

“WOW!” exclaims the message on the Wheel of Fortune’s Monday night Instagram post. “What a way to kick off our Secret Santa Holiday Giveaway!”

With the post, the popular game show’s Instagram page shares a video of Maggie Sajak interviewing the first Secret Santa of the season, Shannon.

“@maggiesajak recaps what prizes are up for grabs, courtesy of tonight’s Secret Santa, contestant Shannon,” the Wheel of Fortune Insta post adds.

“Find out if you’re one of our lucky winners at the link in our bio!” the popular game show adds to the Monday night Insta post.

Maggie Sajak Talks To ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Secret Santa

“I’m here with Shannon, our big winner,” Maggie Sajak says as the Insta video begins.

“You played such a great game today,” Sajak says to Shannon during Monday’s The Spin With Maggie Sajak.

“Such a good puzzle solver!” Maggie Sajak adds.

“Oh my goodness, thank you,” Shannon responds.

Then, Maggie Sajak goes on to discuss two things Shannon enjoys: Wheel of Fortune and one Disney movie favorite.

“Big Wheel fan, but also a big Disney fan,” Sajak says to Shannon.

“I love the Little Mermaid,” beams Shannon in the Insta video clip.

Shannon even remembers a time when she was swimming in Jamaica and people called her a fish.

“I’m like because I’m like my girl, Ariel,” the Wheel of Fortune contestant jokes.

Of course, Maggie didn’t take too long getting to the point – the fact that Shannon’s winnings are part of the first Secret Santa Holiday Giveaway of the season.

“How does it feel to be a Secret Santa,” Maggie Sajak says to the Wheel of Fortune contestant.

“You know, it’s a perfect week for me,” Shannon responds.

“I’m a giver,” the Wheel of Fortune Secret Santa says.

“I’m just so very blessed and grateful that I was able to give all that money to someone at home,” the game-winner continues.

The Express Wedge Brings In A Big Wheel Win!

During the Monday, December 6 episode of Wheel of Fortune, Shannon found some great luck mixed well with her talents when her spin landed on the brand new Express wedge.

This was enough to get the Wheel of Fortune player’s prize money way up there as she quickly ran the board, as each letter Shannon picked was worth $1,000.

Once Shannon solved the puzzle, she had added $10 grand to her prize total! A great night for Shannon, the Secret Santa winner – and the Express wedge, for sure!