‘Wheel of Fortune’ Reveals New Contestant Had Twin Sister Compete on Show

by Megan Molseed

It seems longtime Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak had deja vu-like moment in a recent episode of the popular game show. Of course, this is likely not an uncommon experience as the host has been heading the hit hang-man style game show for well over three decades.

This most recent experience however, was not deja vu exactly, this was a little more explainable than a typical bout of the phenomenon.

The moment was actually more of an experience of the familiar as the popular Wheel game show host noticed something he recognized in one of the shows recent contestants.

“One of tonight’s contestants looks very familiar,” notes the Wheel of Fortune Twitter page Friday afternoon.

In the Friday, December 3 post, the popular game show’s Twitter page included a video of Pat Sajak in a sort of throwback moment as he discusses a former contestant with one of the show’s newest players.

“Hello Lanessa!” exclaims Pat Sajak in Wheel of Fortune’s recent Twitter clip.

“Hi Pat!” says Lanessa.

“Lanessa Vantrease, right?” the game show host asks the contestant before noting something unique about this particular player.

“You’re a twin,” Sajak asks Lanessa, adding a twist to his regular line of introduction questions.

“Now, did your sister play here?” Pat Sajak asks the Wheel of Fortune player.

“Yes, my twin sister Liana also played,” Lanessa tells the longtime Wheel host in the video.

“And I’m hoping ot make her as proud as she made me,” the contestant tells Sajak.

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“Well good!” says Pat Sajak before adding that as he recalls, Lanessa’s twin sister had a pretty good run the night she competed on the popular puzzle-solving game show.

“Not that it matters because its the experience, but did she have a pretty good night?” Sajak asks his guest.

“She had a great night,” Lanessa responds. “She had a great night.”

Of course, Pat Sajak seems to also understand siblings pretty well.

Surely he believes Lanessa when she says she wants to make her twin sister proud during her run on Wheel of Fortune.

However, Sajak does go on to ask the contestant if there’s a little bit of a competitive edge she’s feeling to beat her sister’s winnings as the game begins.

“Now, do you have a little bit of competitive edge that you want to beat her?” the host asks Lanessa about her goals going into the game.

“Yeah, its there,” Lanessa laughs.

“So it’s more than a little bit,” Sajak laughs as Lanessa again confirms.