‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Is Confused About the Days of the Week During the Holidays

by Shelby Scott

This time of year is especially confusing for Outsiders as we drift toward the final days of the holiday break. Overall, days pass by, no celebrations or holidays to mark the day of the week. With that, we’re left in a cloud of mystification. However, it appears “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak is even more lost than many based on his latest Twitter post. Check it out below.

We may all agree the last few days have been hazy. Although, someone should probably check in with our “Wheel of Fortune” host and make sure he’s looking at the right calendar year.

As his post reveals, Sajak finally realized today is Sunday, although we think he may be looking at next year. Hopefully, you know it’s still Saturday.

Take a breather there folks, if Sajak or I caused you unnecessary alarm. You still have one more day before it’s back to reality.

Meanwhile, Sajak’s followers took to the comments to share both their panic and confusion following the holidays.

One follower wrote, “I think you are right. Our local [Chik-fil-A] is closed so it must be a Sunday!” Another commented, “I’m fine with whatever day it is as long as there is wine.” Truthfully, who would really disagree?

Still others panicked and did a double-take with their calenders, sharing their own confusion in the comments. “You absolutely made me look at my calendar,” wrote one of Pat Sajak’s followers. Another said, “I do not appreciate the insinuation that I should return to work tomorrow…j/k.”

Don’t worry Outsiders. No matter what day it is, we’re always here to provide you with the most prevalent daily ongoings.

Pat Sajak ‘Loved’ Betty White

Whatever day today happens to be, I think we can all conclude that it’s a little less bright now that American icon Betty White has crossed the rainbow bridge. Known as one of Hollywood’s sweethearts, Betty White captured the love and adoration of fans across seven decades. Apparently, that includes “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak.

As many celebrities did following news of Betty White’s passing, Pat Sajak shared his sentiments for the 99-year-old actress and comedian.

“God, I loved her!” Sajak wrote on Twitter. The post also boasted an 11-minute clip of himself and Betty White several decades ago when the icon appeared on an earlier show of his, “The Pat Sajak Show.”

Amazingly, despite that the clip aired more than 30 years ago, White shared during her interview with Sajak that she had already been in the entertainment industry for an impressive 40 years. Even then, she insisted she was still “chugging along.”

Fortunately for Betty White fans, the actress and comedian continued to chug along for an additional 33 years before saying her final goodbye. And now, with the actress gone, we can almost be certain Pat Sajak will feature more than a few Betty White-centric questions on “Wheel of Fortune” following the icon’s heartbreaking demise.